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  1. Build Threads
    Just curious on what a stock 454 with decent aluminum heads and a decent cam and pistons would run on and older hardtail dragster?
  2. Drag Racing Videos
    Pretty cool custom LEGO dragsters that really race, and fast! Good Humor!
  3. Let's Talk Drag Racing
    Hey all, I use to race jr. Dragsters when i was younger, from 11-15. Im 28 now and havent been apart of the scene since as I moved 3000 miles from my race family. My son is currently 4 and will be 5 march 2021...Ive had him practice in a gokart I built to get him more familair with the noise and...
  4. Trash Or Be Trashed
    I bought this old dragster frame because it was cool, but I never dreamed I would find its history. This thing only raced for a few years, and was a pretty innovative car, using PBY frame rails (4130 streamlined tubing), a brand new Lincoln 430ci engine, and a few different blower and fuel...
1-4 of 4 Results