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  1. Rollers
    $2500 Camaro Z28 1980 Drag Car Roller, no motor no tranny. 1. 10.00 Cage with Swing outs Full Interior 2. 12 Bolt Spool rear, Caltrax. 3. Fuel Cell, NOS and Battery in Trunk 3. Fiber glass hood fits BBC with Blower 4. No motor (Setup for BBC), no tranny, no driveshaft. Has driveshaft loop...
  2. Rollers
    $2500 Roller 4D Caprice Drag Car 1. TH-400 Manual Valve body (No torque converter) Cheetah SCS Shifter. Drive shaft loop. 2. 11.50 rollbar with swing outs. Full Interior clean no carpet, headliner new (rear seat available) 2. 8.5" 10 Bolt 3.42 Gears with Truetrac, Hotchkis Upper and Lower...
  3. Let's Talk Drag Racing
    Hey y’all! I had an idea about a way to help cool the throttle body and a “free horsepower mod” online. I could really use some my full explanation below and let me know your thoughts, please!!
  4. Let's Talk Drag Racing
    Just got started in drag racing with a 2000 Camaro. Been doing some tune up work with it, but everything is stock in it...for now! Currently racing in Sportsman class in IHRA. Please check out my video below, let me know what you think and if you have any tips for this racing season
  5. 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Drag Race Car NHRA # 7746

    Fresh 440 Engine Block # 888830440 Mopar Solid Lifter Cam Summit # DDC 4120663 purple 3,500 - 7,000 RPM Duration @.050 int. 312° /Exh. 342° Valve lift .590”/.590” Lobe Separation Angle 106 Howard Roller Rockers CSP 570045 K. Barry Grant Demon Race Carb 825 CFM Edelbrock TM-7 Intake Manifold MSD...
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1-5 of 5 Results