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  1. Cars
    383 pump gas, 450 HP aluminum heads, March pulleys, MSD alternator, MSD ignition, power steering, power brakes, turbo 400, Moser 12 bolt, 3:73, car is clean paint, floors, and trunk excellent condition. No rust. Asking $35,900 Additional pictures and videos available
  2. Cars
    1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Convertible On Ebay
  3. Stock Suspension
    I’m in the middle of building a 69 camaro that will primarily be used as a street car to pick up kids from school and do cruise night stuff. Power is coming from a 421” pump gas deal with 300 of spray. Currently working to fit the subframe with a pretty significant front Motorplate From ATF...
  4. Rearends & Differentials Mark Williams Enterprises
    I have a 1995 Camaro with a t56 and a Midwest chassis Fabbed 9". The vibration occurs at cruising above 55-60ish and gets worse the faster I go and gets a little worse undeclaration. I originally thought it was a driveline angle problem but that doesn't seem to be it....I will list the things I...
  5. Turbo Charged - Precision Turbo & Engine
    Anyone on here with a 3rd Gen camaro / firebird , that’s Twin turbo LS? Needing some help/ ideas for turbo placement, hot & cold side plumbing!!! Thanks in advanced!! just to try and make life a little easier and save some headache, piping, and welding wire!! yes I’ve seen the cxracing kits...
  6. Cars
    1969 Camaro RS SS Protouring LS Supercharged On Ebay Price: $150,000.00
  7. GM Builds
    Car in discussion is pictured above. 2nd owner of a 1989 IROC-Z (LB9 305 TPI w/ 700R4) currently running with collector plates. First owner(s) were my grandparents. Car currently has 11,026 total miles on it (yes, total; the odometer hasn't been rolled over yet) Still has factory A/C (no leaks...
  8. GM Builds
    So earlier this year I got my hands on a 2003 LR4 longblock (thinking it was an LM7), took it home, and started tearing it apart to see what the damage was. Turns out that the cause for damage was the use of spark plugs whose electrodes were too long (TL;DR, piston slaps plug electrode and...
  9. Cars
    2012 Camaro - 900RWHP Completely Custom and Modified for Street and Strip $44,000 reduced and priced to sell but (will consider realistic offers) Payment : Cash / Money Order / PayPal Serious Inquires Only Please : [email protected] The car is not a COPO, it has styling queues from the COPO...
1-16 of 16 Results