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  1. GM Builds
    Good day, I’m starting to put together a turbo combination for a 540 bbc twin turbo motor. It’s going to be street driven and track raced. Im looking to do fuel injected but open to doing a blow thru carb if I’m able to get some direction on it. I have read a lot about using no intercooler with...
  2. GM Builds
    I’m currently building a 68 c10 for drag racing. What kinda front suspension are you guys using and having good luck with. I’ve seen sky view, checkered racing, and some others but wondering if there was any other ones. I was going to put a coil over in place of the stock spring but because my...
  3. GM Builds
    This is my fist turbo build that has gotten a little bit wild! Just a short list it’s a 421sbc, 92mm comp wheel, 9.8:1 Holley super sniper 1250 and lots other things. Tranny is th400 with trans brake built for hopefully 1200hp. My question is I purchased a 12 bolt to replace the rear end. Was...
1-3 of 3 Results