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  1. Engines & Engine Parts
    We recently changed engines in our race car and have 2 complete engines from kroyer in Las Vegas. They are complete with wiring harness exhaust and dry sump systems on each. One engine has only been installed and dyno tuned. The other engine is currently at kroyer getting a refresh. Each engine...
    $50,000 USD
  2. Engines & Engine Parts
    Brodix SR20 Intake Manifold. BM 2020-O. 9.800 std deck. CNC port matched to Brodix SR20 CNC heads. Uses Brodix MG 2021 gaskets. 4500 series carb pattern. Intake has been smoothed, dipped in a carbon pattern, custom painted, cleared. Pics show the threaded holes added for injection or...
    $250 USD
  3. Tech Questions - Monson Racing
    Hello there. I've got a complete small block Chevy top end off an engine that I threw a rod through. I am now entertaining the thought of another build. The parts I have include... •AFR 220 Eliminators, 1110 competition ported heads, 8027 spring upgrade, titanium retainers, 65cc •Crower...
  4. Supercharged
    I’ve been searching threads and googling trying to look for a possible combination. I’m trying to put a street car together (GBODY). Currently looking at a blow thru ,F2 procharger, and a larger cube sbc. I want 1000 plus hp but still would like to play in the streets on Saturday nights if...
  5. LSX, Mod Motor and Gen III Hemi Tech
    Hey what’s up everyone, I need some assistance. Here’s a basic rundown of my project 427 dart ls next for a twin turbo set up. I’ve narrowed it down to getting a set of brodix heads. but I’ve only seen a handful of people who have port programs for them. I’ve searched and haven’t found too many...
1-5 of 5 Results