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  1. Engines & Engine Parts
    535ci bbc Tall Deck Truck Block Carb to pan 427 tall deck stroked to 535 Zero decked block Hard blocked NEW 4.350 bore JE Pistons 13.5:1 upgraded wrist pins Eagle H Beam 6.7 rods L19 bolts - rebushed on the small end 4.500 eagle ccw crank Holley Gen 3 1050 dominator on C16 ATI Super Damper Heads...
    $9,000 USD
  2. Engines & Engine Parts
    Big Block Chevy 496 Stock 454 Block Bored Over 10:2:1 Compression Wiseco Pistons Procomp Crank and Rods Lunati Solid Roller Camshaft And Lifters Hydraulic Roller Camshaft and Lifters go with engine. Extra Rockers and pushrods as well. Stud Girdle ARP Bolts Procomp Heads worked and Speedmaster...
    $6,500 USD
  3. Let's Talk Drag Racing
    Back story......... running a 540 in my ‘66 nova. Motor is 900 hp 700 torque. 14 to 1 compression, cam is 777 lift. Dart block, dart heads. car is tube chassi approx 2500 lbs. I’ve been running 9.60/9.50 index. I use limiting plates to slow it down. Best pass 9.18 with a limiter. Probably go...
  4. Naturally Aspirated
    Hi Everyone Looking for some results if anyone has done a comparison, or experience with both manifolds. Engine is conventional headed 632, 15.6:1 comp, Dart Pro 2 380cc heads, won’t be spinning much past 7000rpm if at all, and methanol is the aim for fuel. Am setting the car up for EFI...
1-4 of 4 Results