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  1. Turbo Charged
    Hey guys new guy here with your daily stupid question. I’m building a Gen 6 454 BBC and had a question regarding my setup. I purchased a Borg Warner airwerks s475 with a t6 1.32 ar hot side. When using a turbo calculator it showed this to be a bit small. My question is I know the cold size is...
  2. GM Builds
    I’m currently building a 68 c10 for drag racing. What kinda front suspension are you guys using and having good luck with. I’ve seen sky view, checkered racing, and some others but wondering if there was any other ones. I was going to put a coil over in place of the stock spring but because my...
  3. Engines & Engine Parts
    535ci bbc Tall Deck Truck Block Carb to pan 427 tall deck stroked to 535 Zero decked block Hard blocked NEW 4.350 bore JE Pistons 13.5:1 upgraded wrist pins Eagle H Beam 6.7 rods L19 bolts - rebushed on the small end 4.500 eagle ccw crank Holley Gen 3 1050 dominator on C16 ATI Super Damper Heads...
    $9,000 USD
  4. Turbo Charged
    Hey guys. currently running a turbo BBC on alcohol. Turning to 8000rpm drag application with a set of AFR 385 heads. Inconnel exhaust valves (AFR brand) stainless intake. first valve setup had afr branded stainless intake valves ended up stretching them after around 50 runs. Caught them early...
  5. For Sale BBC T&D Rockers

    Engines & Engine Parts
    BBC T&D rocker shaft assemblies. PN - 10010 Sport Comp 1.70 Complete and in original boxes. Ran very little on Brodix BB3 heads $1250.00 Shipped. Text 931-201-2699
    $1,250 USD
  6. Sold BBC 598

    Engines & Engine Parts
    BBC 598 / 900 hp Pump Gas. Dart, Manley, JE, Dart 380, .904 bushed lifters, Shaft Rockers, ATI, Moroso. No intake. Can hear it run, still in the car. Never been apart since new. Drive anywhere, runs cool.
    $11,900 USD
  7. Tech Questions - Monson Racing
    Hey guys, new here. This is my first post. Had a backhalfed 73 nova running big tire. Sold it about 2 years ago, want to get back into it. Want to get in one this radial tire racing. My question for you guys is, I have a 502 BBC and a 6.0 LS based iron block. Both tore down, both good runners...
  8. Engines & Engine Parts
    565 14* Big Chief Motor Dart Big M block Callie’s I-beam rods Callie’s crankshaft Wiseco Quick 8 Pistons Moroso HV wet sump oil pump Moroso oil pan (have a Moroso pan for external pump also, no pump) ATi Super Damper Jesel 2-piece timing belt drive Bullet Camshaft Dart 14* OLDS #22538816 Oval...
  9. Build Threads
    I have a fresh set of dart pro 1 380 heads that I had on a 565 but I need a new short block. Engine will be used in a 19’ Daytona jet boat and don’t mind putting race gas in it as it will have a 2-300 shot of nitrous also. I’m thinking 582-632 what do you think would work best?
  10. Turbo Charged
    Hi all, I’m still very new to the turbo deal, I’m currently piecing together a combo for our door car (was blown alcohol) that weighed in at 2550lbs. I am wondering if any of you guys have done a similar deal and if you can look thought my set up and see what my limitations will be? I’m...
1-10 of 10 Results