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  1. Chassis and Suspension
    Hello all, looking for advice from people that know more than me so that shouldn't be a problem. Took my turbo 5.3 SN95 (th400, 8.8, 3.55's, 275/60/15 MT pro radial) to the track and got a good launch video. Car ended up running very good IMO but wanted to see if there was anything obvious I...
  2. X275
    Will be Building a 25.3 x275 legal 63 hard top Chevy ii. The street racing scene has me believing 4 link is the way to go, however I want to be able to jump into racing x275, which limits a lot that can be done with the oem floor in front of the tubs. The goal is to have a factory floor/firewall...
1-2 of 2 Results