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General Information

Green with brown accents
Fords peeling paint package
Too long of a history of breakdowns . Plows good in the winter....8 miles to the gallon.........why am i even writing about this thing.
1997 Ford F250 (Green with brown accents)


7.5 litre 460 msd ignition...cold air intake.b&m shift kit..throttle body racing 9 mm wires...e4od
Actually raced it at lancaster...did a 10.47 smoking the tire down track. Impressive. ? Im sure it be pretty quick with some traction.....?....that big f.i.460...naahh. i would like to slow it down with some sort of temp. throttle stop because my 13 yr old son wants teen drags....(yippie..start em early) and they can only run slow shit. Jeez...the old ladies grand cherokee too fast for that. New project....and thank God he hates imports...(but perfect for slow times)
Actually pretty damn solid....except the original paint can be peeled off in 8-10 inches at a time. Every time i go through delta loosing more paint. I think ford forgot to scuff the primer before the basecoat.
Gallons to the mile.
Sterling 10.25 limited slip that turns into one wheel peel package. The front does the same on a dana 44
Them sterling rear ends are the biggest piece of shit. I put 3 new diffs in it already and them clutch pack things go in a month. Dont even know why ford used them especially it beingthe H.D with full floaters. Very dissapointed in my first Ford ever owned. People laugh at my "piss on ford" sticker being on a ford. But im kind of a mustang person...would just never own one........ohhhhh bingo for my sons slow teen drag
Wheel and Tire
Stock ford alcoas that i took clearcoat off because they were chipping and the whole damn wheels oxidize so i have to polish them very frequently to look decent.......and every year because the front end aint right due to fords brilliant front end design and one back tire seems to not want to get traction anywhere



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