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Raven Black
After waiting for nearly 30 years to replace the 1966 Fairlane 500 that I'd had in high school I stumbled either by accident or fate upon this 1966 Mercury Comet Caliente. I am the fourth owner of this slightly upscale cousin to the Fairlane since it had first sold new. When I purchased the car in June 2010 it had 47,000 original miles, it retained its original interior and it had been repainted only once with it's original Raven Black body color.
The modifications described here began in October of 2010. The one goal that has remained constant is maintaining a period correct sleeper appearance. Including the original engine that was removed rebuilt and stored away there have been 5 different engine builds in the car leading up to the current build which as described had dyno tested at 468hp w/482fp's of torque.

Stock 390 engine rebuilt (.020 over) with a Comp Mutha Thumpr Cam, Weiand intake, 600cfm Summit carb and current heads w/stock exhaust. "bent a valve"

Same engine but with a Comp 282S solid lift cam, 780cfm Holley carb, FPA headers and 3" exhaust. "spun a rod bearing"
Performance Transmission built Wide Ratio C6 w/Hughes converter.

1st 445 Stroker as described but with Comp 282S solid lifter cam "block had a crack and the cam went flat"
2nd 445 Stroker with custom ground Comp roller cam.

No major changes just added 15x8 rear wheels with 255/60-15 BFG T/A radials and slapper bars

Chassis mods
Upgraded front and rear suspension.
Replaced steering components w/NOS
Nodular 9" Detroit Locker w/411's
Gear Vendors under/overdrive
Upgraded 3/8" fuel line tank to carb
1966 Mercury Comet (Raven Black)


Prison Break 445 Stroker Built by Barry Rabotnick and Survival Motorsports. West Bloomfield, Mi 468hp & 482tq
Seasoned (.030 Over) 390 Block, Bored & Honed with Torque Plates Installed, Line Honed, Zero Decked
Survival Motorsports Balanced 445ci Stroker Rotating Assembly:
Scat 4.250 inch Stroke Cast Crank
Scat 6.700 inch BBC I Beam Rods with ARP Bolts
Probe Forged 4.080 Diameter 21cc Dished Pistons, 9.8:1 SCR with 72cc Heads
Total Seal Rings 1/16-1/16-3/16 File Fit Moly Rings
Federal Mogul ¾ Grove 270° Race Bearings, Federal Mogul 1445M Cam Bearings
Competition Cams Custom Ground Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifter Kit:
287/293 Avertised, 236/240 @.050, .594/.598 Lift, 112° Lobe Separation/ 104° IntakeCenterline
8934-16 Hydraulic Roller Lifters
924-16 Spring Set with Retainers and Locks
2108 Magnum Double Roller Timing Set
C6AE-R Heads- 2.09/1.65 Cobra Jet Valves, Bowl Blended, Gasket Matched, Bronze guides, Hardened seats, Viton seals
OE 427 Adjustable Rockers on OE Shafts with Precision Oil Pumps End Supports and Rocker Spacers
Precision Oil Pumps 3/8 inch Ball & Cup Pushrods
Precision Oil Pumps Blue Printed Melling M-57 High Volume Oil Pump, ARP Hardened Oil Pump Drive
Milodon 7 Quart Front Sump Oil Pan with Pick Up
Canton Windage Tray with Oil Pan Stud Kit
Fel-Pro Passenger Gaskets w/1020 Head Gasket & Blue Thunder Intake Gasket
Professional Products Harmonic Balancer
Remanufactured Water Pump- 1965 Casting High Volume/Severe Duty
Blue Thunder 2x4 Medium Riser Intake, Linkage, Fuel Log
Survival Motorsports Custom FE 2x4 Holley Based Quick Fuel 750cfm Race Carburetors
Recurved OE Distributor with Pertronix Ignitor III Ignition Module
Pertronix Flame Thrower III Ignition Coil
Ford Powertrain Applications Tri Y Headers
Custom 3 inch Rear Exit Exhaust with 3 inch Magna Flow Mufflers
Mercury Script Pent Roof Valve Covers
Blue Thunder 2x4 Oval Air Cleaner

Performance Transmissions 500hp Wide Ratio C-6 1st=2.72-1, 2nd=1.54-1, 3rd=1-1
Hughes 35-30 (3000 Stall) Converter
Gear Vendors under/overdrive
Custom fabricated shortened driveshaft w/1350 yokes
2013 at Coles County Dragway Charleston Il
Driven to the track, pump gas, stock suspension, 255/60-15 BFG T/A Radials (22 lbs air), 3.89-1 rear gears, air cleaner on and no track prep
Reaction 1.6740
60' 1.9479
1/8 ET 8.3410
1/8 MPH 83.33
The body and trim are all stock with 1 repaint.

The interior had a new headliner installed in 2010 and new carpet installed in 2014. The seats, door panels and dash pad are as they left the factory however a tachometer and gauge set were added to monitor the engines vitals and an NOS underdash 8-Track player was installed for playing those classic tunes. I still have my original 8-Tracks from 30+ years ago so driving this is truly a step back in time.
The only modifications to the chassis have been to mini tub the wheel wells to the frame rails, move the springs inward by 3 inches per side making room for more tire and adding sub-frame connectors to stiffen the structure.
N C4AW-B 30 nodular case 9 inch third member (9L6) 11/6/1969
Detroit Locker 31 spline carrier from Bill Elliott's #9 raced once at Talladega in 1987 setting 212.809 mph standing track record
Richmond 4.11 gearset also from Bill Elliott used for one race at Darlington in 2003
Stock 9 inch axle housing narrowed 2.875 inches (1 7/16 per side)
Strange 31 spline axles
Kelsey Hayes 4 piston disc brakes, 2 bowl master cylinder and complete 1967 brake lines, distribution block and proportioning valve.
Crites frame connectors
Crites spring relocators
Calverts split mono leaf springs
Calverts Caltrac traction bars
Calverts/Rancho 9000 series drag shocks (rear)
Calvert 90/10 drag shocks (front)
Open Tracker Racing rollerized spring perches
Open Tracker Racing rollerized lower control arm bushings
Street or Track adjustable strut rods
Wheel and Tire
14x7 American Racing Torq Thrust D
215/70-14 B.F.Goodrich T/A

15x8 American Racing Torq Thrust D 4.5" B/S
275/50-15 Mickey Thompson ET Streets



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