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Got this car from my brother in Oct 2016. Was going to make it a driver. But changer my mind and its going to be a Street/Strip car. Its got a lot of issues, and most are a pain to fix. But for a stripped down drag oriented car, the parts with the issues will mostly be removed anyhow.
I'm keeping it streetable, and plan to drive to and from the track. Not to be a Trailer Queen, this is a real street car that can drive anywhere.
At least thats the plan. :)
1984 Chevrolet Corvette (Black)


Mk IV 454 with aluminum 320cc rectangle port heads. Single plane EFI intake and 102mm throttlebody. Hydraulic roller cam and scorpion rockers.
the short block is a stock mid 70's pickup engine. I have a couple other 454's in the garage and one of them will be getting a decent 496 buildup, to replace this short block when it dies.
The real magic here is the twin turbo's. They are Holset HE351VE turbos from 2007 up Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins. I have custom VGT controller that will allow me to build boost crazy fast (like at idle) and regulate the turbine nozzle's for optimum flow/power at ALL times.
I'm expecting some good HP even on the stock short block.
none yet

Sometime in 2018 I hope.
Has a small aftermarket rear wing installed already. May keep it, or now havent decided.
The rear bumper cover will be Dzus screwed and that will be the access to the battery, fuel filters, and a bunch of other stuff thats getting relocated to the very rear.

The hood has a hole cut for a Holley stealth ram intake and I plan to cover that over with a full size L88 Scoop.
Chassis is basically stock right now. I will of course have to add a cage. the details are yet undetermined.

I know I want to be allowed to run 10's at the track, even though I know I have the power to weight to run at least mid 9's.
I still want to street this thing and I dont want a funny car type drivers cage, so I'll probably have to keep it a little de-tuned, at least on the top end.
Stock vette front, I may go to coil overs and replace the mono leaf in the front.

The rear is getting a straight axle 9" with a 4-link.

I dont know yet if I'll have to mini tub it or not to stuff tire all the way to the frame rails, if so no big deal, fiberglass is sooo easy on this stuff.
Wheel and Tire
Currently I have a nice set of shiny 16" centerlines with wide street tires. the car carves corners really great. these tires and wheels will go on my 74 Firebird.

I plan to get some 15" Centerline Auto Drag's. I dont want super skinnies on the front, since its a street car, so I plan to run about a 7" wide fronts and 10-12" wide rears (I have to measure and see what fits in the back)
Some drag radials (havent decided which type yet) since I plan to drive to and from both the nearby drag srtips. One is 30 miles away and the other is 60 miles. No trailer


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