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Bought the car from someone who had a boozing problem and was selling parts off the car left and right to get more booze and hang out at bars. Well by the time i found out about car...i said...slow down..i gotta see this. It was an ex drag car and everything period correct for racing in the 70s 80s. From what i found out, it was raced by a guy named Mark Shifferly.( not sure about spelling). The car was called "Time and Money"and i believe raced at lancaster speedway and old niagara strip..(and maybe others). It would be great if someone knew this car and had photos of what it looked like. Back to me..when i seen it...(someone painted it orange....ive heard Dons auto body on union rd in lancaster..not sure)...but it was missing everything. He was just selling everything off the car quick. Made a cash deal with what was left that day and have had it since 1993-94...(around)?. But anyways i got pretty much the whole frame and tub..( they just radius cut the quarters to fit 31x18 slicks.) Full cage with a narrowed dana 60. Ladder bar car. I just left the wheelwells cause paint on car looked new so just built from there. The cage in it is terribly buggered.(all the welds are...i heard he built this car in a small backyard under garage...but worked.) So finishing other projects i just threw it all back together ...aluminum dash..some carpet..a lot of wire..hood fenders front trim..396 and a turbo 350 and put it on the road. Been on the road ever since. (First i had to do was get rid of 5:13 for 4:56.) Along the way ive upgraded alot of things but still kept everything nostalgic. Then year after having it..bought 502 crate motor for it..right when they first started making them. Got it from tunmore olds in kenmore ny. 450 version...took it home....didnt even start it..just tore it all apart...(everyone said i was an idiot...but it had 8.5:1 compression i think). So my good friend did some machine work on it..(milled the heads..full comp valve lifters..holley strip seal rings....(kept the crank..bearings..rods..and pistons.with what it came with) a t-400 with brake from comp transmissions and long story short...i was in the low 7s at lancaster driving it there on pump gas. Well thats just the briefs....just redone a little more to motor..(had it apart around 4 times now..every once and awhile to check everything...but ill tell you them gm bearings they put in them motors can take some abuse..they were like brand new every time till this year..and they were still good but finally put them to rest) but each teardown...did a little more here and there. Long story short..(for now) i took to jan cen in elma and its at 640 hp..620 ft lbs. Best pass recentlywas a 6.55 at lancaster on pump gas. BUT...already bored and want got some more goodies fornext year. I need a bigger pump and a dominator cause it just loves fuel. (I have a strip dominator on it but if i get a dominator...gonna have to have new intake machined because of decking the heads.)......its all just so expensive. More speed...more safety surprised they still let me run with that boogered cage. Theres a whole bunch more...but thats my brief history so far.
1967 Chevrolet Camaro (orange)


502....t-400....dana 60...4:56gears..spool
6.90s-7.10s-6.60s.....its not a very consistant car...because i wont leave it alone for one whole day. But that one inch $143.00 spacer impressed me.
Chopped out rear wheel wells..(looks ok for now..but getting them stretched right someday) Got to get that back end down. ...4inch cowl hood....paint still looks good on body and other parts i put on matched paint up pretty good. Old style centerlines not polished...31-18.5-15 hoosier quick time pros. Plexiglass side and back windows...front new glass. Ive actually won some trophys at cruise nights and car shows....with it buffing and polishing days are over...i just want to go fast...and i kinda like the whole nostolgic look of it.....but thinking about satin black when i do them wheelwells. Theres a whole lotta orange that has to go..but.....(firewall..centers of seats..rollcage...everythings orange).....wish i woulda just did everything black.
Im getting lazy now...i havent typed this much since high school.

Mini tubbed backhalfed.leaf spring..ladder bar..front subframe pretty much stock except for poly bushings drag springs and shocks
Leaf spring ladder bar
Wheel and Tire
31x18.5x15 hoosier quick time pros...old style centerline drags..15x14 and 15x4....15 year old volkswagon tires that are in great shape still.



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