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General Information

Originally purchased as a 6-cyl/4-speed car to replace my rusted to shit, but factory original 302/4-speed '79 2-door sedan, which was one of about 54 made.
1980 Ford Fairmont (Red)


347" 302 built by Rick Hawver, a T-5 trans, 8.8" rear with 3.55:1 gears and a TORSEN T-2R diff. The engine is built light for N/A, high-RPM operation with forged internals, Mahle coated pistons, coated main, rod, and cam bearings, GT-40X heads with a 5 angle valve job and light port work, an Anderson N-51 cam, 7 quart road race pan, and stud girdle. Induction and timing are controlled by a Holley Terminator EFI system, and fuel is delivered via a custom fuel system including twin Holley Hydramats, a Walbro 255 LPH pump, and a pile of -6 and -8 AN braided stainless. The spark comes from a Crane Hi-6.

Update: the RNH engine blew up (split the block) so I replaced the block with a Boss302 unit. While I was at it, I swapped the heads out in favor of Victor Jrs and installed a Victor Jr intake.
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1:46.xx on Summit Point Shenandoah
UMI Performance subframe connectors, seam welded K-member, seam welded front subframe and torque boxes.

The interior is a pair of old Corbeau Forzas. That's it. No carpet, no back seat, no headliner, no dash pad. The tach, and Auto Meters for oil press and water temp are mounted on top of the dash, near the line of sight.
The front suspension consists of a '90 K-member holding stock lower control arms with Global West Del-A-Lum bushings. Double adjustable QA-1 struts and 8", 400 lb/in springs hold it up, and Maximum Motorsports caster-camber plates hold the alignment. Steering is a 93 Cobra R rack. Brakes are 11" '93 Mustang disks with Stop Tech cryogenically treated rotors, Lincoln calipers and master cylinder, PFC Carbon Metallic pads, and braided lines. The rear axle is located by an Evolution Motorsports Tri-Link, a Watts link, and Global West lower control arms with Del-A-Lum and spherical bearings. Maximum torque arm springs keep it off the ground and KYB Gas-A-Just shocks and stock drums do their best to keep up.
Wheel and Tire
16x7" Pony wheels with 225/50-16 BFG G-force sport comp 2s for the street, ponies for the autocross, with 225-50-16 front and 245/45-16 rear Hoosier A6s for the autocross, and 15x7 10-holes with 225/50-15 Toyo RA1s for the track.



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