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  1. Shaft rockers, when to go steel?

    Nitrous - Induction Solutions
    I broke my jesel aluminum rockers 3 times in 3 races. Switched to steel T&D years ago and haven't had one problem. Steel from no on with anything serious I'm building.
  2. 23º nitrous chamber

    Nitrous - Induction Solutions
    Nice! Can you still get close to 16 to 1 with that design? ;)
  3. 149mph ultra us nationals wow

    Ultra Street
    Clocks were off?
  4. Popping ??

    Nitrous - Induction Solutions
    From my experience it will get richer while switching to NO2 from C16. That combined with a cold -10 plug could be the reason its popping NA.
  5. 275 M/T SS tire

    Ultra Street
    Has anyone tested this tire yet?
  6. Draft II Ultra 2016

    Ultra Street
    Can I use a fogger on my 327?

    Ultra Street
    I should have said 100 more than standard port 23*. Didn't you say they "flow" the same? I see they are 25 lbs apart in X275 for some reason. ;)
  8. Knock sensors with Holley EFI

    Sounds like the 2 wire is optimum? I can get the bosch style that has the same connection as a fuel injector. I thought about welding a nut to each center/side of the engine block for bolting on the sensor.
  9. Knock sensors with Holley EFI

    Thanks Rick. It doesn't look promising!
  10. peak power N/A vs nitrous

    Nitrous - Induction Solutions
    In my experience the peak hp will be around the same rpm but the torque will peak at a lower rpm and carry well up to the shift point. This is based on chassis dyno results.
  11. 2015 Yellowbullet Nationals Ultra street Roll Call

    Ultra Street
    I'm going to watch again. Maybe next year we will be ready.
  12. Team IS Double up win!

    Nitrous - Induction Solutions
    Nice job guys!
  13. Has the axe fallen....

    Ultra Street
    People ask me why I stay away from building a turbo engine....
  14. Stupid leaf spring question....

    Stock Suspension
    Ron has been fast with Calvert rear shocks. Not everyone needs class racer promod stuff.
  15. Nitrous X @ Cecil?

    Cecil County Dragway - County Speed & Race Fuel
  16. Ultimate street at SGMP

    Ultra Street
    Lol. I remember replacing my steel doors with fiberglass. The car no longer worked. I think it was 180lb difference. I was lighter and slower until I made some changes.
  17. Chambers softening

    Nitrous - Induction Solutions
    I have had both Buck and BES do them for me. They were comparable and I was happy with both shops.
  18. Purging (bang button) through the motor? Why do it

    Nitrous - Induction Solutions
1-20 of 495 Results