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  1. Big Chief go 3's with Pontiac Motor

    Outlaw 10.5
    On the show, it'll run a 3.80....:smt082

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    I didn't see that until I read your post, haha
  3. Whinny 10.5 bitches

    Outlaw 10.5
    I think this rule should be rewritten to: One piece front ends permitted provided it retains stock dimensions.
  4. Carl Stevens [email protected]

    Pro Modified
    When I went down to Xtreme Racecars to pick up my NRE S600 heads 3 weeks ago, I met Carl and his father for the first time. He is the most down to earth, modest, humble person I have ever met (his dad has a great sense of humor too). The engines and cars he was building were amazing. I am not...
  5. What do you do with a 3000HP Mustang

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    I thought the 1.40 geared TH400 was the culprit, not the engine itself?
  6. Chris Cadatto

    Outlaw 10.5
    Glad to hear he walked away with only minor injuries
  7. Need Some Help

    Outlaw 10.5
    Keep it a back half
  8. New Outlaw 10.5 car

    Outlaw 10.5
    There is a new corvette being built with altered wheelbase to firewall dimensions that might be allowed to run in the class. Is there a "fee" I would need to pay to allow my car in?
  9. New Outlaw 10.5 car

    Outlaw 10.5
    What about cars that were allowed to run 4yrs ago? Can they still come out and play?
  10. Ziccardi's 1970 Hemi Cuda

    Outlaw 10.5
    Definitely. Style has been missing from Outlaw 10.5 for a while
  11. Steve jacson ftw in the shadow

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    He didn't want to give Duck a 3.xx at one of his races?
  12. Made a huge mistake tonight ...1911's ~$1000

    The Bullet ~ Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns
    I have only shot a S&W 1911(rented), but my Colt O1991 will be in on Monday.
  13. Hummer h1

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    Buy an M715, cheaper and cooler. Money you save, you can modify it if you choose.
  14. Drag Week Unlimited Duster

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    Is the intake spacer so you can run an Alan Johnson intake? I have been waiting for someone to put boost through a set of Millennium heads! I seriously thought I would be the first, but mine is taking forever to see light. I love the new direction :cool:
  15. Drag Week Unlimited Duster

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    Howdy DJ, how are you and your Duster? Miss your progress threads on Moparts, but anywhere is good. Have you had any time to enjoy your car this year?
  16. Choosing a turbo for a stock 454

    Turbo Charged - Precision Turbo & Engine
    An Ohio forged crank will live with 1000hp, get a stock stroke. Howards Cams makes some strong stock length rods. Order blower/ turbo pistons from either Diamond. This combo won't break the bank, but will handle your goals. I would start off with a cam in the .550 lift range. You can always swap...
  17. New Carbon fiber front clip for the Brick

    Outlaw 10.5
    I think that is a hat

    Outlaw 10.5
    Good point... I know lynch's wasn't backed up, but it seemed everyone was saying he never ran a 4.02 in competition/qualifying.

    Outlaw 10.5
    So lynch's #1 qualifying pass of 4.02 at Englishtown didn't count? I was there, it was during qualifying. It was the same day TJ ran the 4.08 (with the blatant smell of nitro)

    Outlaw 10.5
    Lynch ran a 4.02 in qualifying at Englishtown a couple years ago at Shakedown. But he did not run quick enough to back it up for a record.
1-20 of 134 Results