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  1. So the Chevy dealership wrecked my truck.....

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    Congratulations on your successfully arguing for adequate resolution to their error. Do you mind sharing a copy of the email you sent them which prompted their action.
  2. You are going to have to shoot me... ok bang bang

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    I love when the police deliver for the young hard working inner city disadvantaged youth.
  3. What did your wife/gf get you for Christmas?

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    Literally 3 pairs of boxers and two pairs of shorts. I got her a t-shirt. We buy shit year round and refuse to guess what the other one wants or needs. Completely useless effort on both or our parts.

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    I see three rounds to the head! I wonder what caliber he was firing.
  5. Autodrag wheel knock offs

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    I see the real ones for sale all the time and mostly dirt cheap, are you having a hard time finding them?
  6. Climate hoax ponzi scheme exposed

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    Big business always profits from these sorts of plans, no matter which side of the conservative/liberal spectrum the plan comes from. Big business always wins!
  7. Post a random pic Thread

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    Must be a chocolate lab, their very smart.
  8. more time then money (trans build)

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    i got my youtube diploma! That practically makes you a expert!
  9. Lets see your Pump gas Naturally Aspirated 10 and 9 second combos!!!!!!!!

    Naturally Aspirated - Uratchko Racing Engines
    The latest on my blazer is 10 teens at 136 on a pump gas 18 degree 421.
  10. G Body Th400 Cross Member

    Transmissions & Transmission Parts
    Let me check on shipping and get back with you. Sorry for the delayed response.

    Bring the pictures over to this forum so we can see it. I am interested in converting mine if its reasonable.
  12. Orlando transmission shops

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    FTI if its race or serious street stuff.
  13. NRC Motorsports S10 Blazer 8.50 Cage Install

    GM Builds
    I just got my battery and Gainesville is closed till after the Gatornationals next week. It may be a couple weeks, Im not sure.
  14. MSD Crank Trigger and Distributors

    Engines & Engine Parts
    85551 is sold, the rest is available.
  15. New build S10 Blazer, sbc 406

    GM Builds
    Nice smooth passes.
  16. Going broke....

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    Very cool! Please let us know what this bad boy will run once its all done. Did you pour a special thick place for a lift?
  17. Troll demographics by country

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    Its the Kelsey with her shot glass collection.
  18. Cummins Drag Truck Build

    Mopar Builds
    Very cool build! Is the rack mounted to the front axle and if so, how?
  19. How in the the ever lovin

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    Canyon Sierra comparison? So that they can sell you the larger truck with the simple argument of "for just a little more, you can have this bigger truck". Its absurd and its the reality of the market. Same way you can get a loaded Impala for nearly a Cadillac price.
  20. Troll demographics by country

    Trash Or Be Trashed
    Monty What are the qualifications for troll versus just being a good old fashion asshole?
1-20 of 498 Results