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  • Bernie44 ·
    Hi, I just wanted to post back on my progress, so it turns our it wasn't my belt. It was my carb hat, huge leak causing boost to go down and eventually low power ratings. The other thing I wanted to point was that I did switch to 3:73's based on your recommendation and boy that made a huge difference on it's own, at only 12-14psi my car ran a solid 6.04 which I'm really happy with. I can't wait till I seal that leak and try again my boost should be in the 5's for sure. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to respond to me and giving me valuable advise :) have a great rest of your week!
    Bernie44 ·
    Good morning and no no worries at all I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Ok then maybe I'm on the right track here I just put in that Dynotune MP supercharger brace that should help a lot with the belt slip (hopefully). And regarding the gears I've always wondered that.... I see a lot of guys running lower gears but I couldn't quite get an answer for the 1/8th and a powerglide combo as I didn't want to cross the 1/8th at like 5200 rpm you know? like super low, right now with 4.88 on 2nd gear the tach flashes right after I pass the 1/8. But considering the power I think I'm currently putting down based on my butt dyno I didn't think 3.73 would be a good choice as I didn't know if I would have enough power to really get me going out of the hole. So this is really good to hear! I will attempt to lower my gear and test again. Thank you again and I will post back when I run down the track... this upcoming sunday :) good day and enjoy the rest of the week!

    Bernie44 ·

    I haven't tested my car since these upgrades:
    1.- New coilover rear suspension.
    2.- New heavy duty Anti Roll bar.
    3.- Supercharger 8-rib YSI brace from crank to pulley.
    4.- Billet impeller.
    5.- Went from 21 to 23 degrees.

    I would like to ask if you have any ideas why I'm so low on power? I feel like I should be at least in the high 5's... the only think I did notice was I had a lot of belt dust so perhaps I'm experiencing a lot of belt slip I do rev up to 7800 (solid roller bob kurgan cam). Again I haven't tested after the brace, I'm going to go race in next weekend and test again but just wanted to get your 2 cents.. as it seems you're doing excellent! :) thanks a bunch for your time!

    Bernie44 ·
    Hey Bro how are you, good day... I just have a quick question that I would like to ask you. The reason why I'm reaching out to you particularly is because you have or had a very similar combo as I do but you're A LOT faster than me. here's what i got:

    Dart 331 Stroker YSI-B (recently upgraded)
    AFR 205 out of the box
    powerglide 4.88 gears (only race 1/8th) 28x10
    neal chance 4500 RPM torque converter
    Blow through carb 750 by CSU
    you can look me up for more detals, but overall I'm running 21 degrees and 8" crank 2.75" SC pulley my power I don't think is no where near yours! I estimate I'm like 650RWHP based on my times which my latest without the SC billet upgrade was 6.24 1/8 which I think is mediocre with my combo, what do you think. I'm running a air to water heat exchanger, I've check for leaks and everything else.
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