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  • Thomas John Butt ·
    Hi, I had a question about the motor you set up with the N 351 heads. It was a race motor that ran 9.40s. ported with a 2.10 valve. I am about to get a pair of n heads machined and would like to see if I can use the stock iron seats with a 2.10 valve or if I have to machine new seats in. Thanks, John
    72much ·
    Second part of my question.
    The cars weight is 3625lbs with me in it. Running 358 sbc with a F1R with a SCU blow through dual needle bowls. Best pass so far is a 5.91 @ 117.5 - 1/8 with the converter flashing to 7000rpm and it just feels like it's rpming the hell out of it going down the track. Shifting at 7500 with a glide.
    Need any additional info just ask. Just trying to get some other opinions out there before I make a purchase. Like to try and do it once if you know what I mean. This car is also street driven. Actually I bought this car new when I was 16 in 1972.
    72much ·
    Vinny, you say you have gone through quite a few converters. My question is what brand converter did you have the best luck with. I've been running Transmission Specialties for years. We are making way more power than before and I'm blowing through the converter. It's a 8' modified for our combination. We estimated our hp to be around 750 - 800 but found out we are actually putting out more than 1000. It suppose to be a 5500 stall but is flashing to 7000. Cam is suppose to come in around 4000 - 4500 rpm. What do you recommend for a converter 10" - 10.5" and what would be a good stall.
    bigblock548 ·
    Hello Vinny, my name is Jim Randolph. I have a blown 555 big block Chevy with 2 dominators. I would like to go to mechanical fuel injection with E85 and I would like to still be able to drive it on the street. I had a couple of questions for you. Can I call you or you can call me at 260-449-6985 and I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thank you.
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