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  • twomanynovas ·
    Hey John. Actually I have two Novas. One is a 70,(the one with the cowl hood in my avatar), drag radial,stock suspension stick car and the 71,(the one with the old school snorkle hood in my signature), is a back halved, big tire auto car. Between you and your buddies and the cats at Petry's auto body, I got the hot rod bug real bad at a very young age. Thank you. I took it to the next level and I do restorations in NC for about ten years now. See....I was paying attention. LOL
    Good to hear from you. I thought it was you posting when I saw you bantering with Ed in the Chevelle history thread. What sealed the deal was when you mentioned your Chevelle. You used to have a pic of it on the wall at the station. It said "BROTHER JOHN" on the front fenders.
    I was pleased to see Bill Ceralli here and I think Bill Rollick(sp) was here for a while also. I Pm'd them along with Ed and that is how I contacted you the first time. I'll give you a call soon, we'll catch up.
    TwoGun ·
    Sorry George,I was trying to add my two cents to something you said and the reply thingie keep kicking me out. I think you are a man of integrity and am now convinced. YMHS,John Lobosco.
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