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  • NOSoutlawcobra ·
    Good evening... I had seen that you posted in response to a 400 cid and twin turbo conversation. I too am considering running a SBF 400 with twins. I have looked into promod 88's as I currently have one and thought about adding a second. my build is currently still under construction as I am awaiting cylinder heads to be done. everything is still up in the air. I currently have no et time set as it will go as fast it will go. I too will be small time 275 and a 1.58 proglide. car is ladder bar suspension. do you happen to know anyone with 400 ford and twin 88's I can question or reference? thank you for any info
    66/67ChevyII ·
    Hi I was wondering if you were interested in selling your CA Chassisworks strut front end if you are upgrading to Smith racecraft?
    jason cole ·
    looking to get billet atomizers 600 to 700# injectors for running methnol on 540 can you give me a price thanks jason
    dwk1058 ·

    I'm building a Procharged BBC 66 Chevy II. Any chance you can send me pics of your engine bay? I'm also interested in a rear cell Waterman cable pump. Can I also get some pics and info on your Bertha setup? Thanks, Dave ([email protected])
    Third Gen Racer ·
    Thanks I would go to a grid but rules don't allow it. I know the 7531 has the slew rate. But does the grid have a traction control built in it. How much for your 7531 and then the hand held? Thanks Again
    TurboII ·
    No RX7 here. The II stands for Chevy II which is what I run on the street and race. 2400 hp of good old American SBC power, no rice rocket stuff here. Merry Christmas
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