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  • IrocZ2slow ·
    Looking to do some upgading on rear susp. 85 camaro putting new springs and shocks on it. Should i go w coilover inboard, coilovers in stock location, or keep seperate springs and shock. Should use hypercoil springs and afco dbl adj shocks.. thanks
    Drc0227 ·
    I'm looking for a street/strip strut for a 91 mustang with a turbo'd sbc. Without the budget for $1000 pair I am debating the strange 10-ways or the afco 30022 non-adjustable. Thoughts on the afco, I can't seem to find much on them and have used the strange before. Let me know your thought and pricing please. Thank you.
    stephenxcool ·
    Hey whats going on, i plan on redoing some of the suspension on my 82 Monte. Can i get a quote for upper/lower adjustable Control arms (with bearings and rod ends) and your roll bar? All i need are the uppers and arb, but its a good deal all together i wouldnt mind picking the lowers up as well. Thanks for your time.
    cherp22 ·
    I talked to Todd yesterday, can I get your address to send my a arms back to swap for the lower coil over ones? Thanks, Ross Cherepkai
    275RADIAL ·

    I put the springs on the rear of Justin's car & the weight of the car colasped the spring down to 7" with a 12" spring is that ok!!!!!!!!!!!!
    chevymc350 ·
    Was wondering if I can get pics and a price list to you guys G-Body FAB 9 rear, I have an 87 Cutlass. I saw it on here in a thread but can't find it now. You can send them to [email protected] I see Eric at PBIR but he always looks to tied up with the car, I was going to ask him about it.
    chevymc350 ·
    I have been noticing alot of guys runing the plexiglass breathers on there drag cars like the on Eric is running now. Does it really help the car? Where can I find them at?
    DLR ·
    Todd, received new arms and stuff from you and I must say they are beautiful! very nice work. How about PM me a price on those Afco BNC's now.
    DLR ·
    called today, left message to return call. would like to purchase a-arms, spindles and steering arms for my nova. 269-487-6473 (dave)
    Mean Green ·
    I wanted to know if you guys do cage updates, if so I'd like to call you an talk over updating my Mustang to a 25.5 spec. Kenny M, refered me to ya'll he has a red SN-95 turbo car. What is a good contact number?
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