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  • promodnc ·
    Hi Tim,
    Hope you are doing. My name is Scott Caudill. You may remember from a couple of the old promod websites from back in the day. I saw a post from you regarding old pro mod and quick-8 video footage you have been getting converted from VHS to DVD. I am a HUGE collector of this kind of footage, and own a LARGE amount of pro mod footage myself. I would like to be able work out a deal with you to obtain copies of some, if not all of the pro mod/quick-8/top sportsman footage you have. Please be assured this is a serious offer, and is not attempt to get something for nothing.

    If this is an offer you are willing to consider, it would be great to discuss it further with you. You can call or text me at 704-778-8501, or you can email me at [email protected] .

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks, Scott
    kwiket ·
    Good Morning Tim You did a model for me of my Chevy II My father in law flipped out over it and wants one of his dirt car ( I know I know he is totally misguided ) Do you only do drag cars? BTW Mine makes me smile every time I look at it
    Thanks Again
    antster66 ·
    Hello Tim,
    I'm new to yb, just wondering if you might know the owner of a black 66 el camino from Virginia, drag car, I found a post from yb, forums and was under your name. Any help would be great. ..
    Thanks Anthony
    Pantydropper ·
    Hey Tim,, Is there any way you can Delete a comment I posted on this page?

    If so comments 4,5, and 6 can be deleted... Trey Capps of Division 4 emailed me and said they revised the schedule after I called NHRA today. :)

    2015 they FINALLY gave both Houston and Dallas TS, and TD racers the chance to race for National Points..
    They screwed us this year 2016 at Houston and took TS away after they promised we would race TS in Houston. I ended up racing SC because of it.

    I raised my voice about it and apparently got their attention.. They Revised the Schedule and Quota today.. :)
    Here are the Classes and Quota for 2017

    Thanks in advance. Henry Kindle, aka Pantydropper
    brownspot ·
    Reporting False Impersonation/Using my name. Moderators please resolve. I AM TOM GRONOWICZ OF PLYMOUTH MICHIGAN. Another guy is USING MY NAME in the "trashed or be trashed" forum on the 4-door Barracuda topic as [mscslecarcrzy1]. Check into this ip address and remove posts immediately (post #154 and post #179).

    Tom Gronowicz

    I'm very serious about getting this resolved. Thank you.
    prostreetz ·
    Hi Tim, My name is Harold Caron and I own the Black and White Blown Pro Street IROC Camaro. I was wondering if you still make the replica models. I would love for you to build me one. I know we spoke many years ago... but I dont recall what happened. Please let me know if you are interested in building my car as a model. Thanks!
    Krazy Horse Inc ·
    Tim , I'm new to fourm , how do you send a private message to you , I ended up with your old Red & Black 69 Camaro's 6 cylinder car after you sold it to Mike S in Fredericksburg
    Krazy Horse Inc ·
    Hi Tim , about 25 yrs ago did you live around Part-low / Bumbus .
    You had a few 60s Camaro's ( a white 67 or 68 & I thank a 69 Red w/ Black strip's with straight 6.
    & your Grandfather was with you @ Street Races / car scene
    jenkinstharp ·
    Hey Tim....Its Kim Jenkins, been a long time. Was just wondering how ur doing on time for the models u build. I would like to get one done for my dad for Christmas if possible. Its of the first car he originally built from ground up back when I was a teenager and he got started racing seriously. its a 68 Camaro RS. I can send u a picture which ever is best for you to go off of. Chris Austin built it. Please let me know cause I am at a lost of what to get his grumpy ass cause he's a "I don't want nothing" kind of person...LOL My number if you need it is 540-439-3410 or you can call Paul 571-991-8491 it was kinda his idea. Again thank you and we hope your doing ok and plan to see you next year as long as we can get this new car straightened out. Say a prayer.

    Kim & Paul

    P.S. If he stays stuck on this "I'm to old" kick we may need a driver....LOL
    87 T-BIRD ·
    Hey Tim, I was wondering if you had any more info about Dominion Raceway in Thornburg. I haven't heard or seen any new in a while. Thanks Donnie.
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