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  • 4130 chromoly ·
    Hello you made a post about FastFrank69's camaro. Do you know him or know how to contact him I would like to ask him about the rims and tire size on his camaro and what he did to get it to sit that low. Here is the quote.

    Frank, car is looking good.

    Seeing this car reminds me of when it cruised around Hot Springs in the late 80's and early 90's. Even a little street racing in/with it. Still hard to be-leave Scooter sold it after getting it for his 16 th. birthday and keeping for so many years....
    RED ·
    hey austin, need you to check some FAST prices for me
    i need to get Trac Control put on my red box
    i need the driveshaft sensor and harness, im keeping my racepack driveshaft sensor on the shaft also so i want to use the same tonewheel
    i need a new map sensor and tps sensor also
    im also gonna get the mag stuff through you aswell. i feel bad for not using you for some of these parts u have helped me get good pricing on. you can message me back or call me, you got my number thanks
    spray power ·
    After last nights rain it is a little soft, but after today it's is going to be clear and dry for the next veiw day which should help dry it out and settle it some. Give a call when you get a chance.
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