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  • Russtafc ·
    Hi Mike, I have a top alcohol funny car that I run in the northwest. I decided to test with traction control which I will remove for competition. So I have a MSD power grid and arc module that I am setting up now. I've been hunting information for real world do's and don'ts for this set up and have seen some of your posts here on this forum. I remember seeing you guys run at Mission and thought I'd reach out to see if you have any suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and certainly willing to compensate as well. Thanks! Russ
    Promodto8.5 ·
    Hey Mike, My name is Eric Lenore and I use to drive the Blown Alcohol Viper with Bob Griffith at the SCSNs. We were pitted next to you guys one year. I have a new small tire nitrous car that my wife will be driving. Anyway, I would be very interested in knowing more about this Webinar on Grid/Racepak and maybe pick your brain about moving out of the seat and having my wife drive the car:) Please put me on the email list and let me know more about it. email is [email protected] Thanks man!
    bluenose ·
    Thanks Mike, should have though of that as I drove a forklift for years at work, it will be 4-5 months before I get back to a track, Snowing here in Nova Scotia till April. I hope to pack up and be in the US by April 1st, maybe go as far as SC do a little testing and work my way back as racing starts here mid May. Really appreciate the help and will let you know how I get along.If you are in the Seattle area, my neice just went there as the head of the Kidney Transplant team. Thanks again Mike.
    bluenose ·
    Hi Mike, I got the sills on, pretty happy with them, thanks for the idea. I been following alot of your posts or replys to posts on 4 link or suspension issues, I have been fighting my car since I bought it so I decided to spend the winter trying to get it to run straight. I found the chassis center line marks and went from there and strunk the car. I found that the rear end was back a 1/4" on the right but am confused a bit as the car was pulling left, with preload of 35 LB on right rear car would pull left hard but as I would lenghten the top right bar or reduce the preload, I could never get it to go straight. I look at the rear wheels and draw a pic with the wheels pointing right and try to pic the car going left. Do you figure the car would push left or to the right
    How did you make out with the Motor that you figured it was pretty well destroyed?
    Thanks Bluenose
    Quickkarzracing ·
    Hey Mike, Rod here! Seeing how Mission looks like it may be awhile before we are able to run it... Do you know of any other decent events coming up in May worth towing to? Say within 12 hrs of Seattle.

    chevette ·
    what trans first gear & rear gear ratio do you run? I have a 68 tim mcamis camaro we run in top sportsman with a 781 & going to a 390 rear & 1.80 first gear with a pg. I have a 4.30 rear gear with 1.80 now & tire shake like crazy.
    saimpalass ·
    Mike - Can you tell me where you guys purchased your NOS activation switch? I believe in the past you have shown a photo of it....I believe it is a type of Hobbs switch? Thanks. Steve
    gangster1220 ·
    Hi Mike, Gangster here. Did you ever recieve my RacPak graph for you to give me your opinions on that run we were discussing regarding the apparent flat spot early in the run. I never heard from you regarding it. Thanks, Gangster.
    Pro S-15 ·
    mike do you have some pics of your bottle mounts without everything in the way. going to move my single 15 in the cab and like your set up but need something to show my chassis builder, I see its a push pull pin at the top, I like that but can't see the rest, thanks Chuck...
    440 sbc ·
    @ Kvcanes that's the way to start, spend your money the right the first time and not have to go back on parts. What power adder you going with?
    kvcanes ·
    I am in the process of designing a street/strip car that will eventually (within a year) be primarily a strip car. I've spent numerous hours researching products, theories, applied applications, and individuals. And I have spent alot of time reading threads you have replied to both on this site and others. Would you mind sharing your experience and thoughts on varies subject matters that we will face. I am big on doing things right the first time and making sure I go the extra mile in obtaining knowledge. I am new to the sport and I have no problem asking for help. Thanks for you time.

    bad81monte ·
    Do you do anything to your head or exhaust glange surface to use the rtv as a gasket? Is there a certain sequence you do after its applied , ex. Put it on and start it through a heat cycle then retighten? Or do you let it set up first ? Thanks a lot
    Seattle_Mike ·
    We spray a thousand or so nitrous and run low 30's with our 762. If we leaned on it, it would run in the 20's. We are set up for ¼ mile only but to the 1/8 we've run 4.09 & very low teens.
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