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  • heat affected zone ·
    Chuck... This is Jason, I am buddies with Eric, I re located the turbo on Vader and did some of the welding on your cage.. Reason for messaging you.. I am just getting started on a '09 challenger build to run in x275 .. I was wondering if you might be interested in following the story as you dont see too much other than mustangs in ss heads up racing.. shoot me a text or something.. 252-339-0041 thanx Jason .. I also have an outlaw 10.5 challenger Im building if youd be interested in putting something in the mag..
    Compression was 11.2 and the piston tops and combustion chambers were home coated with Techline ceramic. Block was a 69 Windsor. Heads were ported some but still only went about 300 at .700. Camshaft was a solid roller with about .640 lift, 250 duration and was on a 110 LS. About a 250 shot of gas. It was built to drive on the street but it ran pretty good.
    v8americanmuscle ·
    what all does this setup consist of other than what you already listed?

    "4 years ago I had a stock block 414 with elcheapo $900 Ebay rotating assembly, Victor Jr heads that ran consistant 5.70s on pump gas. Could have stepped it up with some C16 but never tried."
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