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  • rattman ·
    Joe, I have a 250-DS-UDX dash with a sportsman logger. All external sensor messages are appearing on the dash just fine. The voltage sensor that is internal in the logger is not appearing on the dash. I only have the cable hooked to the dash at this time. Do I need to hook up the external wiring for the warning lights to make the voltage appear on the dash? Or is there another problem??? THANKS, PAUL
    John Anthony ·

    Please remove my thread: MSD 83606 Ready to Run module failure

    There are no replies and it's in bad taste.

    Thanks very much.

    John Pizzuto
    J&S Electronics
    Serial ·
    I read your sticky about RacePak

    Does anyone use it to run everything on their street/strip car, and not just aftermarket performance components? For example, could it run my headlights, taillights, turn signals, dome light, park neutral safety switch, dash lights, as well as my nitrous, water pump, fuel pump, line lock, etc. or would that be stupid? Thank you,
    Anyway to delete the 2 idiot posts from these 2 assclowns who keep following me around YB, now they are coming from trash to here. jstahemi and imshot thanks
    DRobSD ·
    Hello Joe, I really need help with a thread I tried to post in your section about my wiring board. Can you please approve it? I am stuck with this thing and was hoping I could find answers here. Thanks Daryl
    NastyDeuce ·
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a Racepak IQ3 dash for my nova and it is 90% a street car, so I for sure need fuel level, volts, etc. Right now the car just has a carbureted big block so I have no need for data logging, but later on down the road I would like to switch to a turbo LS motor, so I will find benefit from the data logging, but that won't be for quite some time. Should I just get the dash with 2 USM modules for all of the stuff I want to display and then upgrade to a data logger later on down the road, or what would you recommend? Please let me know. Thank you.
    GuyRacing ·
    Joe, currently building a 28x 10.5 BBC nos stock suspension car and original plans were to purchase new 1150 dominator, MSD power grid ign and NLR NMS-1000 progressive controller along with racepak V300 SD ( planned to get the logger from you). Those items would cost $5200 to $6200. Question is, what would be the cost difference in that an going with the Holley Dominator EFI with optional G-meter, complete, with 8- Bosch 160 lb/hr injectors, 2000 CFM 4500 flange throte body be? Seems like it might be close and have about the same logging abilities with additional sensors (dual o2, fuel press, NOS press DSRPM) do you sell the Holley dominator stuff? Can you give rough est. on cost for this? It will be decision time for me soon. Thanks.

    Jeff Guy
    Vicious ·
    I have a stock susp gbdy Bbc single kit. 5.70 index class. I have redone the car recently now it's time for wiring. I purchased an arc 8000 wiring kit, pro cube and a 7531 box they have been bolted in the car but no wires have been installed. I am currently installing a fiberglass dash. Today i realized the gauges won't clear the cage behind the dash. So my first thought was the autometer digital dash. It could replace all my gauges and fit nicely. Then I thought if I'm gonna spend the money might as well get a racepak dash/logger. Then I realized the sportsman logger with an iq3 dash would be better. If I'm gonna get the data logger maybe I should ditch the 7531 and get a grid ignition..... As you can see not fitting my gauges neatly in the dash has me changing my whole approach. Am I going too far, looking at the wrong stuff, or just stick with 7531 and get the autometer dash? With all that said... Do you have what I need in stock, and how much does it cost?
    dartgt ·
    Hey Joe, everyone says that you are the man so here it goes lol. Im strung between the ldx or a udx and a v300. whats your recommendation and is there a price difference? sb nos motor, grudge car, poss x275
    ssssvt ·
    can I hook up my racepak sportsman 12 event wire to my transbrake wire on my delay box or does it have to be right at the button? If it has to be at the button how do I weave the single wire through the coily brake button cable? Thanks
    dlgerard ·

    I was told by NO2frog on DRI that you might be able to help.

    I have most of my sensors for my V300 and am looking for some reasonablly priced RacePak Tee connectors and/or cables. If you have any laying around, let me know what you have and what you will need for them. Used is great!

    You get rid of stuff you don't need and I get stuff I do need. Everyones happy!!

    I'm still looking for reasonabley priced:
    - 8" Shock Travel Sensor kit [like 280-KT-SHKTRVR kit or 230-VM-AN-5V connector].
    -Single Channel V-Net A/F module 230-VM-AF
    -V-Net analog connectors for 5vdc 230-vm-pt-5v
    -V-Net Universal Sensor Module 230-VM-USM

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