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  • bottlefed1 ·
    Richard Gavle, Bethesda MD Lots of people know me in MD, and I definitely do not hide behind a screen (no I am not a bad ass, just too care ;-) The only reason I don't post my name as the spelling on my last name is so unique.
    kramden ·
    Mr Hipster can you help. Have a fresh built glide with a brake works fine(brake too). But has a very audible clunk when shifting from 1st to 2nd and 2nd back to first. Thank you!
    clubby ·
    Need to ask
    Do you or is it possible to make a T-350c Transbrake still using converter lock up
    is or was their one Ever made ?
    If so can it still be made and a $ price for the valvebody if it is
    Mr. Hipster ·
    Kenny has the Chevelle runing 8.50s however now it's running out of fuel. The fuel pump is one of them jet engine deal that were hot a dozen years back, soo new cell/lines/etc.etc. No nitrous yet as it's needs chassis upgrades to go quicker. Matt was good on the pro tree, running the 8.60 heads up shit, might get them to Byron some day.
    IMSHOT ·
    I was out for Mem weekend...totally fried my new brake pads...So I skipped a weeked and bought all new stuff including new master..Ill be out this weekend...good to hear from you
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