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  • denn468 ·
    monty can you pm me an address to send a donation please?i dont trust this computor with my cc ifo thanks!
    outlawcaveman ·
    Please post an address I can send YB donation to, because I don't use credit cards or paypal. Need to make YB donation.
    dante1020 ·
    Monty tried to pm but full,got a mssg to update profile and I did but not to Mcdunnah standings said my home wasnt a location where I live!I dont like putting my info for everyone in the US to know where i live I dont see the problem with this?I went on 1 random thread and on the first two pages I found five people with worse than that as a location two with the same.I enjoy your site and dont want to be threatened to be kicked off for the same thing as many other members have thanks for your time.
    Please delete or edit the link out of my thread in trashed or be trashed about persuing my CCW , many people are being upset at the content and blowing it out of proportion.
    It is explicit but I just wanted to heighten peoples awareness of the world we live in ,Thanks Monty
    Ron Miller ·
    I'm I being singled out ?????? If you look around that has happened more than once by alot of other guys, not just me. I at least bump every 3 to 4 weeks, not like most on hear. Call me and we can talk about this. I was going to ask you to remove one of my repeated 496 ads dated beck in Nov.


    Ron Miller

    Also Are you going to open the YB store, I would like to buy decals and hats when they are available
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