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  • 351Blueblood ·
    Hello, I bought one of these sets off you here on YB in this thread you started.
    I have this set brand new in package waiting to do the build, As you know sometimes those don't happen soon enough. In mean time I heard of the problem with the older(mine) cam gear bolts being magnetic and you making newer ones to fix this probelm. I called your shop more then a month ago and was told I would be sent the new correct bolts for this.I gave all my info and even invoice #. I have not got anything. Wondering if we can get this corrected. Thanks Frank 351Blueblood
    JL Performance ·
    What do you guys have in stock for used racepak stuff?

    Looking for

    pan vac sensor module
    water temp sensor module
    IAT sensor module
    nitrous pressure sensor module
    fuel pressure sensor module (carb low psi)
    nitrous fuel pressure sensor module (2)
    trans line pressure module (goes in line with cooler correct?)
    IQ3 display dash

    Also, looking for info on your converter pressure dump system. I'm curious if I could use this to partially dump the pressure and loosen, the converter at the hit....

    Curious if I could use this to loosen the converter for first and part of 2nd then have it close/stop dumping pressure and tighten the converter up for the 2nd 1/2 of 2nd and all of high gear... wondering if I could use a nitrous jet, as a restrictor in this so that I can "tune" how much pressure it's dumping, maybe a little or maybe a lot depending on what the car wants.

    Curious on your thoughts on utilizing it in this type of fashion.

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