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    Hi mike,Bob Oldhead here, Would you believe I still have not received the controler,Please check around your company.Thanks Bob
    carvz ·
    This a 1/4 mile car? yes
    Are you going through the traps at your redline or just above? little below red line
    What do you shift at and what is the fallback rpm? shift at 6,180rpm and traps goes from 6,130 rpn fall from 6,180 to 4,935 rpm
    carvz ·
    thanks, You are right about that all the components play!

    My car is all steel 1974 nova,
    5.3 l33 engine with cam ans springs, cam is the compcams thrumper, powerglide, 1.76 with transbrake, converter is a protorque custom for another engine that have 650hps, 4.30 rear gear, with 10.5x28 tires.

    What king of cams did you recomend?
    what converter did you prefer ?

    thanks in advance!
    carvz ·
    Hi thanks to respond to my questions in the forum!

    but I feel like I'm doing something wrong with the tune of my car, can you direct me?

    will appreciate any help to make it more consistent.
    Ingram78 ·
    What/who's rack and pinion and everything it took to make it work?
    Was it included? (Stock spindles)?
    Also who's master cylinder are you using and was any "fabbing" required.

    People seem to be pretty vague about what parts they're using. So if you can could you include part numbers?
    Check the Mark Williams site and search for 57830 which is a large ford end with seal provisions. The moderator is not passed my reply on the form.
    Mike Beck ·
    If you are running the alternator output wire all the way to the back of the car, I would use a 100 amp fuse (or the proper size for your specific alternator) close to the battery. If that wire should ever get pinched, a crash or even a jack or jackstand, that could be a real mess. It won't protect the alternator while the engine is running, unless you also put another fuse up front by the alternator. Heck, in a bad enough crash, the alternator is the last thing I would worry-about.
    rockin jester ·
    since the alternator has a built-in voltage regulator. Would it be wise to, at the end of the return cable before it actually back to the battery. Be wise or safe to connect an inline fuse or breaker?I am cautious about this. You even said it in your reply about charging a battery with the EFI hooked up. I do not want any possibilities of the alternator frying the EFI.
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