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  • oldguard ·
    Howdy Mike, good to hear from you. I see Larry Hampton weekly, always good for laughs. Just working and having fun. Did I see you on Street Outlaws the other night?
    Brian85cobra ·
    Hi im a canadian setting up a outlaw 14.5 mustang and could use some advice, do you have a shop number i could possibly reach you at thanks brian
    Sam Vincent ·
    I have a Kirkman carbon GT style. For several years since 2003 I had bought Jason Cohen bumper cover. I broke it several years ago and repaired it , but would never stay. So I bought new one like it last year(we just fill-in the fog light re-sessions). Never had the other kind, but it's called a Markewitz(sp) his first name is Gary. NMRA board has people talk about them too. you can call 270-977-1893
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