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    I am no chassis expert but I can tell you what I have. I run a stock style 4 link with a Moser 9 inch, spherical bearings in the upper arm mounts on the rear so the arms don't bind and custom double adjustable upper and lower arms. Double adjustable Strange shocks and a Wolf anti roll bar. Mustang arms are too short so you will have to make or modify some. The Mustang anti roll bars fit in a T Bird so you can take your pick. Make sure you get double adjustable shocks so you can control the rate the suspension extends after the initial hit. I have been 1.26 60" with 31x16.50 ET Streets. They are about 12" wide. After I put the intercooler in the back seat it hits the wheelie bars so hard it unloads the tires. I need to move the back of the lower arms up to take some of the hit out of it. What size tires are you going with and what kind of power are you making? Also weld all of the factory brackets fully to the body or the spot welds will pull out.
    460Dave ·
    I am trying to set up an 85 T'bird for drag racing and would like some of your advice. What type of rear suspension are you running?

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