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  • 93FiveOh ·
    ok cool. u goin for the whole weekend? Ill be there just friday most likely. If you're there friday, if i see ya in the pits, ill stop by and say whats up. Im John btw
    93FiveOh ·
    could you give me a heads up whether or not the race is cancelled. We are getting hit with quite a bit of snow up here in New York, but i checked weather in BG, Ky, and it says this weekend is supposed to be around 50* and 0% chance of any rain or snow. But I dont wanna wake up friday and head to Bowling Green to find it they arent racing cause its too cold or something. Ill be coming from Danville, Ky which is 2 hours away i guess
    93FiveOh ·
    is that a big race? Ill be coming down to KY from NY wednesday and stayin till Sunday, was thinkin bout takin a ride to bowling green possibly friday to check it out.
    93FiveOh ·
    hey, i see ur from bowling green, will you be racing in the Thanksgiving Classic at Beech Bend on Nov 29th thru Dec 1st?
    fast67chevelle ·
    Jason...I live in Bowling Green, and I'm wondering if you know anything about Billy Webb. He's says he's a chassis builder and I'm looking to have some work done. Any feedback.
    matukas ·
    go visit amy clark family chiropractor> I could bearly walk last week and she fixed me up> its the first time ive ever been to a chiropractor> by the third day I had NO pain. shes located behind greenwood ford on the right> you wont reget it I promise
    WR169 ·
    Hey Jason, I saw a post about going to the Valley for Door slammers. Get off 65 at exit 94. Go left under the bridge then right at the light. That is ring road. Stay on there until you go by Lowe's on the right and Target on the left. When you get to the light on top of the hill go right. That is 31 W. Stay on 31 W north past Fort Knox, To West Point. When you leave west point and go over the bridge it is about a 1/2 mile from there on the right. it is the second right. If you have any questions let me know. My cell is 270-872-7242. Steve
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