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  • sparky 74 ·
    Hi Jeff i have seen a lot of your posts and you seem very knowledgeable when it comes to 4 link setups. what would it take to make a nose heavy car wheelie on the street. we just finished a back half on a Nissan 240. It weighs 3000 with me in it car makes 900 to the tire. 32x14.0 slicks 4 link car. 57% on the nose 43% on the rear. 1.80 glide with 4.10 gears. where should we start with the 4 link bars? length, height, bar angle any help is much appreciated.
    thank you.
    gabe68 ·
    Thank you so much Jeff, its in the header shop now. Going out the fender to get the length so 15 " collector is out. Dyno was with 2" x 36" header that's all we had, sooo this should help a lot
    gabe68 ·
    jeff any thoughts on headers on my new combo 434 monster 15 with curtis single 4 cast intake #2858 ported Dale Q 1150 4500 carb Bullet .850 lift 282/290 cam made 807 hp @7600 613 tq @5900 0n c 16 made 823 hp on q16 cr. is 15.9 to 1 any help would be appreacheated Mark
    477nova ·
    Thanks for the add. I have a 72 nova bbc on nitrous 1000 hp na plus 500 on 1 kit Having problems getting it to leave car is 3360 lbs 51.5 /48.5 percent. Run split leafs with cal tracs Afco 3840f on front with a. 8 " 400 lb coil over spring strange da s on the rear also running on a radial just wondering if you have any input on a setup like this front springs are compressed almost to coil bind front wieght is 1730. Any thought you could help,with I greatly appreciate
    JeffMcKC ·
    Its a very good place for them. We have ran them in front before they will read better than behind the axel if you have a data logger from what I have seen.
    pontiaco ·
    hey jeff I got a 64 gto with ladder bars , and the coil over are mounted in front of the rear axle, do you think that's the best position for the coil overs and if not, would they work, got a 640 with a glide and some 32x14s sliks, thanks
    lkni3010 ·
    Hey Jeff I was told on a thread ur the man to get ahold of for the streetcar scene in Kansas City. Ill be working over there for a little bit here soon and I was thinking of bringing a car. What's there going on there?
    goatracer ·
    HI it seems u know alot about chassis, and im having some trouble. Any chance we can talk on te phone so nothing gets lost in the trnaslation? I can call u if thats ok, or my number is 309-314-6557. Thanks, Brian.
    BillyShope ·
    Jeff, if I'm not mistaken, you expressed an interest in my DVD. Take a look at my site, for it's now available.
    Bill Shope
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