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  • deadman455 ·
    hi jarred,i ran across one of you posts when i was looking for something about a tr7 and seen that you have put a 351w in one. im doing the same thing and have ran into a few issues and really hope you can help me.what did you use for a oil pan to clear the rack and pinion steering? what headers did you use? ive ran into a problem where the oil pan runs into the rack steering,i was going to cut the pan but its got to be cut far to much for the weights on the crank. and how did you like the car? ive got a 351w .40 over 11.5 compression,vic jr heads and intake full roller with a anderson n91 cam and c4 tranny. for rearend i got an 8.8 with 411 hoping to go low 11s someday lol. i really hope you can help me with info,im lost and it seems everybody uses a sbc not a sbf.
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