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  • Nuclear Waste ·
    Steve, looking for 2-3 tenths for my n/a, T/S car without having to change any internal engine components. 2480# with me in it, 780ci, 1430hp. Runs 7.0's 194. Rossler 3spd 4.29 rear, sheetmetal intake(bunged for N20) with Braswell Splits. I was thinking single stage fogger. I would like to run consistant 6.80's, 70's would be great. This would be my first N20 system, I have always ran NA motors. How much spray can I safely get away with? Thanks, Carl
    Bullard Boyz Racing ·
    Hey Steve I acquired a engine that had the sledgehammer plate system on it but the guy kept the solenoids so I currently have Nos ProShot solenoid on it now.....i wanted to spray between 200 to 450 HP of nitrous ...are there any baseline tunes for this's a 4500 plate and I also have some trash can solenoids to, if I need to change to them
    MET90LX ·
    I remember seeing a post you had some 10lb bottles that had powder coat defects? Are these still available?
    BadBeretta ·
    Hi Steve, ordered QD nitrous flow tool from you today and a few other things but wanted to ask your opinion on fuel pressure on nitrous system. Have a magnafuel 500 with 10 an going forward to front of car to magnafuel log with magnafuel large 2 port regulator for carb 8an lines and a nx branded regulator for nitrous side with 6an line. We added a new 16 volt battery to car this winter also. Went to the track this weekend to try out nitrous setup. We flowed system at 9 psi as this is the high pressure tune for or alcohol nx plate kit (100hp on 555 bbc). When line was hooked back to solenoid at track the gauge would peg out, 15psi gauge. Magnafuel 500 at factory settings.

    We also ordered new Holley 803 from you in case nx reg might be junk! And also ordered spring for fuel pump from you. What are your thoughts on this. Do you think what we ordered from you will fix problem? Or is it okay as is?

    Motor is aluminum 555 bbc, dart 355, 2150lb car
    Ratkat ·
    Hey Steve, I run a Promod bike 1800cc/110cub 2 stage nitrous system. I a going from C16 to C23 we currently run 13:1cr do you think we could go to 15:1????
    Also 1st stage is 250hp 2nd is 100hp. with the potential to go to 250hp on the 2nd stage as well. we currently have 4 deg of advance across the line. I beleive we can get some more back into the engine. How far can we push timing is it detrimental to the engine to slip into positive timing ?

    Regards Geoff
    clays434nova ·
    I have 4.185bore 3.335billet strokecrank 5.99 grp aluminum rods ,drysumpbowtie.set ofcustom arias coated pistons and pins.The top half is a set of fully ported 10033867heads with expoxy placed in all the lowspeed spots.heads [email protected] [email protected] is a raisedrunner edelbrock fullyported and expoxy in low speedarea this intake has been ported allthe wayto the carb bolthole it is4150flange no cam yet and no caeb but willbe built bo laws or aed compression 12.7 i need 1400hp.this is where i need help should i run 2 stages 1 fogger450hp then bring in other fogger or plate for 250hp.or can i get away with one platesystem fromsteve I have nos prorace fogger with annular nozzels on18 deg in should i take it off and send to steve really just want 1 stage is this doable if socan you helpme with cam and nos system togo aand tunes with timing curves chambers 67 cc should i soften the chamber
    tick creations ·
    Have any one ran a FAST/EZ-EFI 2.0 It can handle 1,200 HP I'm building a 496 BBC 10.5:1 compression AFR 325 Heads ,two stage fogger system 400 shot Street/Strip 3,300 pound car my question is will the FAST EZ-EFI 2.0 work with my setup will it'd be easy to tune with my nitrous I have never had a aftermarket EFI
    GuyRacing ·
    Steve, I sent you an email to [email protected] a few days ago from [email protected] It was a long one with so e questions and a request for quote. If you have time to look at it and respond I'd appreciate it. I will be at the lights out 5 race this weekend and thought I'd stop by to discuss if you had the time. Thanks.

    I started a thread in the nitrous forum, and it said it had to be verified first.. Can you help with this thread? Thanks steve. BOTLDPONY
    70bbc ·
    hi Steve . I have the victor pro solenoids bottom out let . can you tell me the orifice size ? i am trying to run a 42 pill set up . will this work 42 n 32 f
    TRAVIS417 ·
    Hello steve, I'm going to a index race this up coming weekend and I might need to touch the nitrous at the finish line ifthe race gets real tight and I need to put a fender on the guy. I have a zex pperimeter plate with 150 hp jets in it now. My question is do I need to pull the 6 degrees of timing out that they recommend or can I run my base timing which is32 degrees. I will only have to bump if need be maybe the worst case twice. I do not have a programmable box so I have to back the timing up with the distrubutor. Thanks and any info will be appreciated. I'd rather ask you than get every one else's opinion.
    sinr98 ·
    I was wondering if you have installed a internal spray bar system in the new Holley Hi-Ram LS3 style intakes. If you are interested in doing it get with me and we can discuss it all.
    gldnpny ·
    I saw the bad assed setup you did for the Victor EFI manifold. I have a SBF with the TFS box intake. Have you ever plumbed a single stage in one of those similar to the Victor? I built this engine with N2O in mind and I know TFS has a spray bar that mounts between the upper and lower but there isn't a lot of room with the Aeromotive rails and the fuel lines for a spray bar and solenoids.

    Eric Martin
    lenrob ·
    I'm in the process of installing a fogger on my 408 sbf and just wondering what fuel jet would go with .032 nitrous jet. I have the cfn fuel and nitrous solenoids. I have 8 .032 jets and 7 .028 jets I need 1 more .028 and a set of 8 fuel jets.
    lenrob ·
    How much are your jets, I need a couple sets for a nos fogger and a couple sets for a nos double cross plate setup
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