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    Hi bud, very informative posts about avgas! Had a question i think you can answer. Pushing my sbe gen 4 5.3 to 26lbs on avgas, no signs of detonation but im ready to give it the timing the plugs ask for so i wanna kick the avgas a bit. Will adding 32oz(1 can) of torco accelerator additive to 10gals of avgas be 112octane ? I read its around 105 and the torco kicks up 7-10 full points. I read your posts about mmt to avgas really boosting octane alot. I did wanna over do it with mmtbas i saw you mention itll turn plugs clay looking. Appreciate any help, racegas is impossible to get here but avgas is easily bought, amazon carries torco 32oz cans for 19 shipped. Thanx tom ethridge
    Ramair1 ·
    Hey bud, here is the link for you to sign up and vote on our cars.

    After you sign up, they'll send you a validation email and then you can log back in and vote in the 2011 Firebird contest. I have all 3 TA's entered Ramair1, Ramair2, and the Black & Gold 76 TA.
    Thanks dude!!!
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