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  • RWB____s ·
    been trolling the political thread and your exploits for awhile now. I get a kick out of all the hate and discontent over Our beloved fearless leader;) I wonder sometimes as to a much of what is said is tongue in cheek or all in good fun just harassing each other. Personally I would be pleased to see our leader "FIRED" just for being a douche bag . I did not vote for him nor Clinton either. I do not see a bright future for our country due to the political parties fighting against each other just because they sit on the other side of the room, rather than fighting for our country and what is best for it wither it be democrat or republican. I will continue to troll and enjoy what goes on between everyone
    Horndog · ·
    Hey -- I sent you a reply the other night but I'm not sure if it made it to you since they've totally redid the site. Anyhoo, I agree with what you say -- I don't like how divided as a country we are now. For the most part, we just harass each other. There are a few who are so thin-skinned that have stepped over the line and continue to do so. Gotta keep an eye on them. Drop in anytime.
    BillComm ·
    This IS NOT a PM, dumbfuck....this is a post on your visitor page...

    A PM, is just that....a private message.

    No wonder you voted for are dumb as he is...
    Dan Geruss ·
    You're doing god's work kid................trying to convert the dumb

    It'll never happen, but the effort is respected..............continue to reek havoc
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