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  • frizyme ·
    hi my name is frank
    i was reading some post about the hygaurd fluid whats the part number your using ? and with weight is it ? if i want the convertor to be the same witch one do i get ?and also do i need a different filter in the tranny i was reading some people where saying that hope you can help me thank you
    N&N Racing ·
    How u been got a question for u on something u told me about on carbs i have tht 63 nova put the glide in it this year
    2barcomp ·
    Hi have been running a small single turbo on a bone stock chevy 350. It had .080 dish pistons with 487 heads. While i got the motor apart, im debating on putting flattops in it with 062 vortecs, i know this will bump up the compression ,but with the realtively small hx40 (58mm) compressor and a tighter quench area. 015 head gaskets and being conservative on timing would 9.7to 1 comp be too much.Have my eye on a comp 268h cam to go with the heads. Iam also considering running e85. This is just a mild 12 .0 sec car shooting for 11.50 s. I viewed your post on those ported vortecs and thats what gave me the idea. im planning on about15 psi of boost . Your chevelle is an awsome machine , after i get tired of messing around , a s400 bw will be next, any help is appreciated .
    joe_blow ·
    does that trick of adding a 8728 2 step to MSD 6A work on the Digital 6A?

    Originally Posted by H & J Motorsports
    There are 2 versions of this--one is a stand alone unit that will work with an oem ignition and the other one plugs into a 6T.

    Neither one will work DIRECTLY ( meaning plug into ) a 6a

    I didn't say it would plug directly into it. The distributor pickup will plug into this box, and then the output from the 8728 will hook up to the white "points" wire on the 6a box. It's a pretty easy install and it will solve the problem of no rev limiter.

    I'll mail the guy a Male and female spade connector and after installation of said "male and female spade connector" then the box will "Directly" plug into a 6a box.
    tohighpsi64 ·
    I was wondering a few things, why did you decide against the rear mount idea? what was the best et you ran with the vortec's? thx. so much.
    tohighpsi64 ·
    Are you still running the vortec's? what turbos are you running, I had seen at one time you were working on a rear mount, did you ever get that worked out. thx. for all of the help.
    tohighpsi64 ·
    I am a big fan, the car is awesome, i am building a similar engine combo and I was wondering if you could give me some info on what cam you run, mine is a 355 with ported lt1 heads that have been converted to standard flow, my turbo is a 84mm t-18 garrett! thanks so much.
    M120X ·
    Wow, talk about slow reaction times.
    I see your getting the Nova back together, Good luck with it.
    And where's the Malibu been?
    Cheswick ·
    Are you Rick with the 67 Malibu?
    This is Rich, met you in the lanes. I stopped by on the way out, took a picture of the car. Goin on my garage wall with an arrow sayin 9.20.

    Had a good time, met some good people. Take care.
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