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  • pioneerp ·
    Hey Duner, I've seen ya in here. 126mph in your avitar? WOW 6yrs ago Ol Blue went [email protected] My old Vega ran [email protected] 126! I got so damn busy in my Demon the RT sat. I can't get real excited about the RT after making 8.50passes in the Demon. I had some time here lately, my B1 heads on the big motor are still at my head shop so I put the motor back in Blue 402" .262/.272 [email protected] B1-MC heads. Paxton 2000. Fired it up, tossed the belt off the cog drive shut it off. Easy fix but going to Turbo-Tech for breakin and DFI tuning. The owner George Scott is a YB member. I saw your post about Dyno#s. LOL. Blue is built to cert to 8.50 but shield and flexplate are out of date so I'm going for a "conservative" low 10's tune :)
    You ever get to Vegas? You should come out the weekend before Thanksgiving to the West Coast Pro-Street/mod. Outlaw 10.5/drag radial championship. Some serious shit there and lots of tuners!!
    Mike Carlman
    Duner i have checked on some of your mods ,on turbo forums. i would like to talk to you sometime about how you are running check valve on map sensor and how you are running fmu . my e mail is [email protected]
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