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  • metzone ·
    Hi Dave
    Please delete the thread I put up asking if Troy Coughlin is coming back. If he truly is, he should announce it. I appreciate your help. Thank you
    metzone ·
    Hi Dave
    I log in and I can post on any forum except pro mod. It won’t log into pro mod. Can you help me with this please.
    txsilverado2 ·
    Hi david. I didnt update my e-mail address when i changed jobs and lost access to my old username when all passwords were reset. Can someone update the e-mail address associated with username TXsilverado so i can reset my password? New email can be [email protected] or [email protected] This username can then be deleted. Thanks.
    brownspot ·
    Reporting False Impersonation/Using my name. Moderators please resolve. I AM TOM GRONOWICZ OF PLYMOUTH MICHIGAN. Another guy is USING MY NAME in the "trashed or be trashed" forum on the 4-door Barracuda topic as [mscslecarcrzy1]. Check into this ip address and remove posts immediately (post #154 and post #179).

    Tom Gronowicz

    [email protected]
    ljc1223 ·
    Hello mr hence. I have a question. What was the advantage to moving the turbo from the front of you chevy to behind the wheels.
    Dwill2124 ·
    Mr. Hance, I joined yellowbullet a few months back but haven't got the swing of it yet I actually wrote you on facebook... But I had a few questions about getting into pro nitrous. Just wondered if you have any tips about start-up and or sponsors and etc. I'm very passionate about drag racing and been around it all my life. If you have any advice or any good knowledge I would greatly appreciate it. I met you actually in rockingham a few years back you're great person so I'm sure your advice would help a ton. Thanks in advance
    Mac Tools ·
    Mr. Hance, my name is Dennis Wallace. I feel I am getting close to a deal with a sponsor for a pro modified deal. Being that this is the highest deal I have reached before in racing I am lacking in one area. I do not have a contract to go by. Is this something you can help me out with? Is this something you would have? The first potential sponsor I had wanted 50% ownership in the equipment and I balked at that. That to me is uncommon in the sport and I walked from that. He then came back with a more ridiculous offer. anyway, I need something to approach a sponsor with that is more traditional. Correct me if I'm wrong but they are basically paying to advertise on said equipment. Yes they are ultimately paying for the equipment but the do not get it when the equipment is done. Your guidance here is greatly appreciated.
    68twinturbo ·
    Hi David, I'm new to this forum and have tried to post pictures in a thread in the promod section.

    I get a pop up saying a moderator needs to approve the post?

    Can you let me know how this works.

    Andrew Berry
    nftuatn ·
    Hey david.

    My stolen motor thread

    Can the 5000$ reward be added to the thread topic?

    And how do I post the pictures to the first post?

    Stolen motor in Hampton Virginia $5000 reward

    chassisman nz ·
    Hi David,I am after a little advise:)
    my name is Terry Bowden and i'm part of a team running a sport compact doorslammer on Australia,we've brought the car home to New Zealand for a few meetings,our track has a drop in the concrete/bitumen transition,(120ft from launch),this drop causes a bounce which disrupts the cars suspension,we run old style Koni electrics on the rear,which turn from full tight to full soft before the transition,also lifted 3 clicks from 6 to stiffen bump & this improved 60 to 1.05 but still required some serious driving to finish the pass,i;m getting the Konis dyno'ed next week,but here's my question- i've put 200lb springs on the rear to combat the downforce at top end,is this too much spring???(car has run as fast as 6.35 @ 230),if your able to help i can fwd any data reqd,(MOTEC),car is '03 Toyota,RJ Racecars,
    Thanks Terry..
    Cary Goforth ·
    Dave could you delete my last two posts in the earwood section? I was using that as an example of how words could get twisted but someone says Kenny could use that in court. I don't know how to do it or I would have taken care of it. It's posts 302 and 303 I think. Thanks, Cary
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