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  • Wicked Mark VIII ·
    Let it go Dave with the comments. YOUR deal with him was the last mess I was going to clean up for him. I am in current legal actions with him now. Something you should have done with him with your deal. You two exchanged money... Not me.... Im out of this bullshit... Looks like we are both suckers with this man. I will tell you this,if you need help when I am done just ask. I cant say much because I am legally bound at this point so call me if you want.
    B1CUDA ·
    Hey dude! Long time, no talk. Wanted to see if you are keeping up with the FTA stuff. After the Nagra 3 satellite was launched, we were all screwed.........until now. I just hooked up my "Weather Forecaster", to my Viewsat Ultra-Lite, and I am golden again. Although this is now IKS, I only have it hooked up, at my office. Let me know if you need any info, if you haven't already checked into this. Hope all is well.

    Chris (714)814-7007
    GONADS ·
    Hi Dave how been,Just a quick one have you had problems in the past with your rear thrust bearing,& if you have what the thing that fix it.Ive done one before & ive got a modified pump of Keith Neal just hope it works.And a friend of mine has done 2 bearings its a worry thanks Dave
    hello dave my name is omar i have a question about sb2.2 engine can you give me a call @ 225-445-1534 or pm me a number to call you thanks.
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