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  • Canrith ·
    Regarding the stolen Mach 1, Im going to request it be on the homepage of a site Im an active member of, Camaro5. Weve got members in all walks of life, and most of them actively search for parts. Just a recommendation for you to create a post on there as well, at the least I will bump it a few times. Good Luck. Delete this post after you've read it please.
    SG60IMPALA ·
    dan this is bryan allen from allen fabrication service . im new to the chassis biz and would like a little insight on what type of insurance to use. thanks for any help. my e-mail is [email protected] ..or call me at 931-623-9512 thanks
    horsepwr1956 ·
    dan this steve from murrays i am looking for sponsors for our race on 9/26 at pbir if it is ok i want to e mail you a package to look over please pm me your e amil tahnks steve 954-788-6843
    32bantam ·
    Hey Dan Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year! I came in your shop about 2 months ago & met you for the first time, i know Mark Roberts & all the other dudes! You & your family Have a good & safe New Year! Steve.
    BruceO ·
    Dan,glad you like my sign in my office.But when i typed it i left out a few words should go like this.

    Everyone wants it yesterday and for cheap. I just hung a sign in my office that is true.

    The work triangle

    There are 3 types of work we do.pick any 2

    If you want it cheap and fast it won't be good.
    If you want it cheap and good ,it won't be fast
    If you want it good and fast ,it won't be cheap.
    Bam54 ·
    Hey Dan we have been having problems getting the Mach 1 to 60ft when using the transbrake it 60's way better when we footbrake it (1.44 to 1.51). I think it might be the converter but was wondering if you any suggestions on making some changes to the Cal-tracs and rancho shocks. This past weekend I tried the bars adjusted with .080 space and the shocks on 6 from 5 it got a little better. Also we made the Pink All Out show in Atlanta and placed 2nd it will show 14 Aug so keep an eye out for it.

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