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  • dino17 ·
    Mark. I have a set of Off sets that came out of a 632 with about 6 hits on them. I will have to get the part #. They came out of a 12 Degree profiler motor. They are notched for the oil bleed hole. They are just about new. They are either Comp or Crower. I will have to talk to the machinist on the exact # and get you some pictures. I have them in a plastic container at the shop.They will be cheap. I was saving them to do a 12 degree but Too much money for me.
    69Malibu ·
    I see you have some exp with the predator carb. I just rebuilt two 6000 using kits from Callies Kustoms. The acc pump will NOT comes with a round acc pump diaphram and a gasket that is supposed to fit over the diaphram. Any ideas how to seal this up?
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