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  • Ron Clevenger ·
    Chris,...would like your opinion . Valve spring set ups. I don't think I have ever run a personal engine with less than .060 free spring remaining on full open. Current motor 540 BBC BLOWN) to get the spring pressure were I wanted it, the intake springs have .058 remaining and the exhausts have .047 remaining free spring. Is that to close on the exhaust?.......thanks
    fairlane ·
    Chris have been trying to get a hold of you. Would like to know what it would cost to assemble my sbf. Call Gary 313-402-8875
    SST469C ·
    Chris I have a Brodix 2000c block, 5 inch crank , GRP rod combo. How far down do you normally put the piston in the bore. When we originally started with this block my machinist set it up 10 in the hole. I just cant help but think since everything is aluminium and the expansion rates involved that you could get away with less.
    Thanks in advance Regan Wilson
    [email protected] ·
    chris i would like your expert advice on the rod lenght and c.h on a combo im building. the block std 9.005 deck iron eagle block crank 3.500 billet crower 283 main 2in rods jrnl 4.190 bore what rod would you go with 5.85 or 5.900 ..head's are 18 gm's 2.180" 1.600x flow @ .500 343 @.600 368.6 2 .700 373 @ 800 377.5 ,cam bulet 280in 300ex 475lobe 456 ex lobe 113 1.7in 1.8 exh running a glide 7000stall 5.14 gear 29.5x 10"
    kinkajou ·
    Hi Chris, just letting you know I sent an email to your URE site. I am unsure whether other people can read these emails thru YB. Sorry if it causes any problems?
    Darin Morgan ·

    Years ago I asked you to help me advertise my head class on your forum. I was wondering if you would do that one last time. I think last time I set some minimum or something and it did not work out for you so this time Anytime from yellow bullet that signs up you get $100.00. I will set the limit at 40 people this time instead of 25 seeing as how its the last one. This is the last year I am doing this. After doing 50 classes over the last 10 years I am done so if people want to go through this thing, its there LAST chance!
    w5dart66 ·
    Did you look at my w8 build post ?
    See anything you would change?
    Would you be willing to talk to me about cam shaft at all?
    Thanks Chris
    Brett miller
    scott foxwell ·
    I need to know something; On the AFR 315 hp limits thread...I responded to that thread several times and there was no sign of any posting from Tony Mamo what so, this morning I open the thread and suddenly there is a huge advertisement from him for his new heads complete with pics...
    Where the heck did that come from, and how did it get "inserted" in the thread so far back?
    IrocZ2slow ·
    Hey chris was wondering which do you believe would be better for a 300-400 shot of nitrous a 421or a 434? trying to get somewhere around 800hp clean. what size block deck, stroke, and rod would you recommend?
    mike s ·
    Hey Chris I have a 436 SBC 23 degree street/strip motor that has a 620 solid roller in it and I want to put a hyd roller so I can make it more street friendly. I want to do drag week and really want less work and hopefully less breakage. Like springs. Does anyone make a small base circle 600 lift hyd roller? Just wondering as I didn't realize I needed a small base till a guy told me cause its a 4 inch stroke 400. I am new to a SBC this size.The motor is a gm block with a 4340 crank,lentz 6" rods and Ross flat top pistons with 2 valve relief. The heads are dart iron eagles and a holley strip dominator intake with a brasswell 850 flowed to 950.. Also I wondered if going to a 2circut 1050 dominator HP would make more power? I have a edelbrock victor Jr 4500 intake and that holley dominator carb. Would a edelbrock victor senior 4500 be better as I can get my hands on one of those if needed.
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