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  • bracketchev1221 ·
    My dad is retired from the LIRR now. He is into salt water fishing. He has a 33' boat that he goes offshore with. He likes his shark tournaments and stuff like that. My car is just an old bracket car. 3200 lbs goes 9.0's with an engine built out of the Summit catalog. My car is outdated, basically a mid 80's technology backhalf car with a manually shifted t-400 that I built in 1996. But I still have fun going out and taking out a few 7 second dragsters and having them look at my car in disbelief. My dad made a few passes in the car in early 2000 when it was going 10.50's but has never had any desire to get back in it.
    Hotrodbuilderny ·
    I don't know if you received this the other day I don't know how this messaging works but it seems to be in my in box so I am sending it again. The same with me, I got out my son got in, he's into turbo cars he had a 95 mustang,with a 383 chevy he went in the mid 8's with 15lbs of boost on 10 1/2 tires' turbo was set up to push 30lbs of boost he was having problems with the glide snapping input shafts, finally bought a new tranny with the much larger input shaft,new design front pump and then sold the car.Yea 79-80 was a good time to be racing, now it's all computers and how much you want to spend.Every year I swear I'm going to take up fishing myself. What type of fishing is he doing freshwater or saltwater?Are you the son I met at Sals? Is he retired now? Your Father use to take his vacation days on Friday, and he would stop out by us on Friday, hence the name Friday Ray. That's how we knew we only had one day left of work.
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