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  • Five.0 ·
    Get in chat, i don't want to disappoint everyone i told them we were best friends for life!!!! LOL :)
    74vegawagon ·
    Bill. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out and signing the two shirts. I enjoyed the talk with your wife. I know you were in the truck but thank you for taking time out and signing them. I will probably give mine to my girlfriends son.He could not make it seeing as he is still in afghanastane. Again thank you and hope to see you again next time you are in Houston.
    Bill Glidden ·
    I use a conventional timing light. I have had dial lights on and get different readings? I know what my tune up does with the old light so thats what I stick with, goodluck! BG
    dynodon ·
    hi Billy , i have a question ,do you use a dial back timing light or conventional timing light for your race car ,i have a dial back timing light snap on ,$$$$, and somes guy told me than is no good a dial back and they prefer a conventional .
    what do you prefer for your race engine ,thanks and a lots of success for this summer !
    Bill Glidden ·
    If anyone here has any questions I will check the next few days since I am better aware, sorry for the bad response time. BG
    Bill Glidden ·
    Sorry to everyone I do not follow this part very well or very much, but to the person who asks about old a/r heads? It would almost need to be a deal where you come look at what is here, and decide if it is worth all the hassle! BG
    jesse ·
    basterd b pro stock heads was told you had them yrs ago would like to ask you a few questions about them
    Mauler ·
    Hi Billy,
    Im in Australia and have been running a sbf 331W on thee spray. I run in radials and runs consitant 8.5's 157mph. I want to step it up and go bigger cube's around 430 and put two stages of spray on it.
    I looking to purchase one or have one built and ready to go, and am told you the man to talk to.
    Could you steer me in the right direction or recomend.
    It has to be a sbf and single carbi setup. Would like to make 1500hp on the spray 2 stages reliably.
    My email address is [email protected]
    Bill Glidden ·
    Try this again? Thats an easy one to answer, because thats the old junk I am running now, they were all aluminum blocks and we did not paint them, BG
    [email protected] ·
    Hey Billy. In have an oddball question for you. Back when your dad was running in the late 80's, what color were the engine blocks in his cars? See, i told ya it was an oddball question! lol Im building the Motorcraft T-bird & just want to get the colors right. Thanks for looking.
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