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  • Life's a Drag ·
    Good question. I don't know, I don't follow it. Maybe Jeff closed it and moved it like he did with the other extra long threads.
    1fastacvw ·
    I do have the zamp helmet. I appoligize for not replying sooner.

    I had a simpson large (60mm) so thought a zamp large would b same. I would say its more like simpson medium.

    I can ship out monday if interested. Im out of town working rest of week.

    Thank you
    Darin Morgan ·
    I appreciate you talking frankly about what you heard from Bryce. Chad and I dont know why he turned mean against EVERYONE who ever taught him how to port heads but I have seen it before. I liked Bryce and thought him to be a strait up guy but for some unknown reason he just turned like a rabid dog. LOL This industry is simple as far as I am concerned. Do the best work you possibly can, dont toot your horn about it, dont bad mouth people and it all works out in the end. Its really that simple.

    Have a good day and if there is anything I can do, you know where to reach me.
    intocarss ·
    No, I built my eng with Bob Lambeck because I work for him, plus I did not know Mark when mine was built in 2005. (I have known Mark & Teri since 2006) Mark is very knowledgeable and an honest person who takes pride in what he does ... I would have Mark Rapp build me one or work on my car anytime though!! I have bought parts from Mark and he has helped me tune my car.. Hope this helps
    Bluenoser ·
    Payment received for YB plate. Greg Hindman has paid in full. Please feel free to contact each other with shipping info. Thanks again for your generosity. People like you are making this auction a huge success!!
    badss540 ·
    I looked up his feed back and items and seems to be a good seller, I am going to look at a 66 Chevelle today near me and wait for you to see which one i'll try to buy, thanks again.
    Bad Chad ·
    I will try to make it over to Larry's place tomorrow to look at it, He is a very straight up person to deal with. His feed back was good from the 3 cars he has previously sold on E-Bay. He had 2 neutrals for slow shipping on 2 items but the cars he sold they seemed to be happy with them.
    Bad Chad ·
    Sure, Let me know who it is or where it's at, I may be able to look at it tomorrow evening. If it is Larry or Robert I know them personally, They usually buy and sell race cars and trucks all the time.
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