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  • cam580 ·
    hey jeff its carl just checkin in to see how its going with the daga and your current car, do u know u can take your t10 to liberty and they will put there stronger gears in it and proshift it so u can miss a gear(trust me i cant drive a stick and even i can bang the gears like a pro in my parents 69 camaro u saw it u flagged it on the cover of the onondaga video,it has a dodge tranny that my parents took to liberty and had it redone and its badass now it cost them around 1,100 but it was well worth it home many factory 4speeds u know that can hold up to a hopped up big block on slicks and dont break
    Wheels have always been 15 x 8 with 4 1/2" back space.
    Depending on what pic you are seeing I have run 29.5 x 10.5S M/T (sig pic.) to 28 x 10 Hoosier slicks (any pics from Milan this season)
    Thanks, I am still running the S.A.L.s for now I just keep the stage limiter for the trans brake under 3000. Still hits pretty hard at 2800 but keeps the car off the bumper and doesn't brake parts....
    I plan on getting some of the new Smith Craft "Maxx Traxx" along with a pair of Calvert monos in the future....
    mike1970 ·
    Nice car. Are you running slide-a links or caltracks on your Camaro ? I know you had mentioned the slide a links were bending at one point in time.
    One person feels that it was "pushed through" or that the board members were pressured into the votes...........
    Everything got pushed back to the planning commission, we have a whiner.....
    The planning board needs to dot their i (s) and cross their t (s) because this may end up in circuit court......
    We are still waiting on the special use permit from the township.
    One way of another however we will be racing come spring !
    cam580 ·
    hey jeff the car that wrecked was john pauley he ran it at onondaga last year saw the pics from mike the photo guy and recognizes his car
    runs 13:00 ·
    I was wondering if you guy were going to put up the video that you were taking sunday. I'm the guy with the blue mustang with the white hood.
    cam580 ·
    hey jeff was wondering if you guys are gonna be at daga sunday was gonna bring the camaro out to play
    Natalie1989 ·
    hey i was wondering who could tell me the owner,make, module, and year of all the cars running over the last 2 weeks. Need help so i can finish up the video and get the special drivers c.d's made.
    natalie bellairs
    camaro434 ·
    Thanks BADBLACKZ for getting back to me. Sorry to see what happen to your car. I have 1/2 studs in my rear so I just order the 5/8 stud kit. Thanks again
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