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  • Erik-427 ·
    My good friend, Henry Floored is having trouble signing on to the Bullet. His password and other info seems to not work from his end. Could you or another moderator reset his password? If you notice, he hasn't signed on for quite some time.
    eliminator ·
    Hey Ray,
    Is there any link for entry lists for the YBnats, I wanted to see who's locked in and who's not going?
    evil spirit ·
    In my post in the drag race section about pinion angles I accidently dropped the F*** bomb - sorry. By the time I realized I wasn't in the TOBT section the edit window had closed. Please edit my post if necessary.
    brownspot ·
    Reporting False Impersonation/Using my name. Moderators please resolve. I AM TOM GRONOWICZ OF PLYMOUTH MICHIGAN. Another guy is USING MY NAME in the "trashed or be trashed" forum on the 4-door Barracuda topic as [mscslecarcrzy1]. Check into this ip address and remove posts immediately (post #154 and post #179).

    Tom Gronowicz

    [email protected]
    evan_bader ·
    Good afternoon, I was trying to post a brochure for an upcoming event in the Drag Racing section of the forums and was curious as to why it was being rejected, and what I needed to do to potentially be able to post things like that. Thank you!
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